Wretched pollen!

Pollen is evil.  Always. This year it is exceptionally evil – zombie-vampire-legging evil even.  I have been fighting to function for the past several days.  Today was pretty much of a loss.  Andy was actually correcting my corrections to his math and Latin lessons – it was that bad.  And then, the angels sang.  
We were driving to the library and I noticed the marquee at Walgreens – “ALLEGRA – now available without a prescription.”  I nearly caused Tim to wreck the car with my hoarse, congested shouts to turn around and go back to the drug store.  I had a prescription for Allegra forever but it got so expensive with our new insurance and the Claritin that works for Ian worked well-enough for me, it wasn’t ALLEGRA, but it allowed me to function.  
I ran into the drug store, bought a bottle of water and the ALLEGRA (it does deserve to be capitalized) and opened the bottle and took it right there at the pharmacy counter. That was about four hours ago.  I feel close to human already.  I figure another couple of days and I’ll be fully functional.  I’m so excited.  Mike and the kids are even more excited.  They get freaked out when all I want to do is flop on the couch and sleep while making disgusting noises.  Go figure.
Despite the allergies, we had a great weekend.  Tim had another track meet on Friday.  The car situation was a mess, so Mike was the only one to attend.  Lucky him.  It was pouring rain and cold.  But, Tim did well, he was very pleased.  They were both fuh-reezing when they got home.  June Cleaver that I am, I had hot gumbo waiting for the pair of them.  After that, we watched a couple of episodes of the first season of Third Rock from the Sun.  I love having the Wii with Netflix.  
Saturday was gardening, lawn work, laundry, you know – fun weekend stuff. I’m so excited, there are signs of life in the garden and the tomatoes and peppers are sprouting wee flowers!  It’s kind of fun figuring out how to do stuff with Cally and Scout by my side.  Scout is slowly accepting Cally.  She treats her like a stoopid sibling, but there is no more snarling or barking.  Cally is proving to be incredibly smart and hysterically funny.  She clearly knows that it’s wise to listen to me – she comes when I call, she’ll sit and lay down for me too.  Funny how it works when you’re the one in charge of the food.  Parenting 101.  😉  
Sunday, Andy and I went with Scout and Cally and some friends to our local dog park.  I never really considered a dog park before.  We have a big yard and Scout was always happy running around here.  She is so well-trained that when the electric fence shorted out months and months ago, I let it go.  Scout stays in the boundaries out of habit.  Mike and the boys reconnected the fence this weekend and we’ll start training Cally with it tomorrow.  In the meantime, she needs to run and run and run.  And, dog parks are the perfect place for this.  Scout was not thrilled.  At all.  She sat and glared at me the whole time.  Scout’s a snob. Cally, on the other hand, made friends with everyone and ran until we had to practically carry her to the car.  Nice morning.  
Sunday afternoon, the friends that asked us to take Cally came for dinner.  It gave their 12-year-old-daughter a chance to say goodbye and to see what Cally’s new life is like.  It was a really nice afternoon.  It’s rare that we just have one family for dinner – you’ve read enough here to know it’s usually a free-for-all-for-forty-or-so.  I got a chance to actually set the table with real plates and silverware.  It was a little crowded with 11 of us around the table (five being over 6′ tall – worked better when everyone was little), but we had an awesome time.  It was a little sad when our friends had to go home, but I think Cally is where she’s supposed to be and I think our friends’ daughter was amazingly mature about the whole thing.  I would not have been at that age.  Ask my mom.
I still have to take pictures of the rearranged furniture.  Maybe we can discuss paint colors too.  I’m liking the change of furniture – it feels airier, sort of, I think.  I’m at a loss for lighting though – the living room, while lightened up a bit still feels like a cave.  We’ll talk about those and other exciting issues in another post.  

Still no sign of the Jenny, the missing pig.  We picked up a smaller, enclosed (Cally is a most enthusiastic lover of guinea pigs – too enthusiastic to be honest) crate for Esme, the remaining pig.  Esme seems happy – wish she could talk and tell us what happened.  I hate that I have a lingering shadow of doubt regarding  my mean neighbor and Jenny’s disappearance, but I do.  It’s just all too creepy to be real, though. Mike insists I’m insane and I hope he’s right. Time to lay off of the Stephen King. 

One thought on “Wretched pollen!

  1. Netflix and Third Rock – my go-to boredom buster! I am halfway through the first season, too – golly, but that John Lithrow (sp?) has the comic chops!

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