Bleak House . . .

Anyone else ever read this? It’s not my favorite Dickens’ novel but, I like it.  Ian is currently reading it for one of his classes and that brought it to mind.
This week has been a struggle with allergies.  It sounds stupid, but honestly, I’m hanging my by fingernails here.  All I want to do is flop somewhere and close my eyes.  I’m not tired, but my eyes are burning, my ears and throat are itchy, I’ve developed a charming cough and there is the endless nose-blowing.  And, believe it or not, the ALLEGRA is helping a LOT.  It cannot last much longer.  Right????
I’ve slipped and I’ve been watching the news again.  Gah!  Talk about Bleak House.  The whole situation in Japan is terrifying.  It’s such a tiny, tiny nation – how in the world do they evacuate people?  I cannot imagine being there right now.  As for national news, double gah!  Really, aren’t most people in the middle of things?  Things cannot be as extreme as they’re painted on any network.  And, please tell my why Charlie Sheen deserves air time?  Sympathy, prayers and maybe a good kick in the head – but is he really news?  Blech.
In other news . . . the friends who had to give up Cally, originally adopted her through a rescue group.  Our friends were split on telling the rescue group that Cally was now living with us, but they let the rescue group know what had transpired.  Fine.  The group asked our friends to ask us to fill out an application.  Like I said above, it’s been all I can do this week to get the basics done.  Our old vet retired and I had a new vet lined up.  My plan, as the rescue group is sure to check our vet, was to take both dogs to the new vet (Scout for her check up and Cally for a meet and greet).  I have an appointment on Monday afternoon. 
My friend called this morning and I wasn’t here.  I returned her call and she wasn’t there.  Later, I got an email from her saying that the rescue group was anxious (read nagging) about us not filling out the application and that if we were as great as our friends had told them it should not be a problem.  Hello, rescue people, I’ve manged to stay off the evening news for nearly 19 years with my kids,  Scout will actually go sit in a corner if I tell her she’s being rude. I’m good with a puppy.   Grrrr. . .  I filled out the stoopid application as a courtesy to our friend.  
These folks actually suggested to come and “retrieve” Cally from our home.  @@  Really?  I always teased Mike in the past about his avoidance of “rescue” groups the few times we’ve looked for pets.  I get his point now.  We don’t have a groomer.  We don’t have our vet on speed dial.  But, you know what? we take care of our animals at least as well as we take care of our kids.  (Somedays, I am WAY nicer to the pets, than I am to the kids but only because the pets have earned it..)  I hope the rescue group accepts our application – Cally IS part of our family now.  (Granted she is the most insane part of the family at the moment, but we all adore her.)  I hate the idea of a group of “rescue people” deciding if we’re good enough . . .I’ll be on pins and needles until we hear.  (And, I wonder what I would do if they decided to ‘save’ Cally from us . . . hummmmm….)
Okay, I will now herd the dogs into our bedroom.  Scout will assume her customary spot of sleeping under my side of the bed and Cally will sleep on her pillow at the corner foot of my side of the bed.  The only question that remains is “Do I want to take the Nyquil?”  I’m thinking no – maybe just a shower.  If I’m not back in two or so days, you’ll know I chose the Nyquil!
PS – the garden is growing!!!!  I’ll get pictures this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Bleak House . . .

  1. I know it's irksome b/c you KNOW you're a good family for her, but as someone who works for a rescue…People suck. Even the ones that seemed great will bring back a pet after 6 mos b/c “Logan wasn't playing with her anymore” or “there's more shedding than we thought.” When you spend any time in a rescue, you start to see it as Us against Them and you are the only voice for the animals. It can get warped. Rescue folk tend to be seriously weird. But believe me, they have cause.
    We were denied several applications before we got our dog, because we don't have a fenced yard. It pissed. me. off. But I understood. We won't adopt rodents to classrooms. The teachers say “isn't it better for them to have home in a classroom than no home at all?” But the critters are in foster homes and can wait. would that human children got as much attention…

    Your allergy stories always make me feel panicky. Feel better soon!

  2. Point taken, Deana. I can see it from their side BUT gah. Oh well. I know we have a good, safe home here and they're welcome to check us out. We'll see what happens from here. Although I seriously wonder what would happen if they tried to “retrieve” her at that point. We're all very attached and I think Cally is very attached to us too.

  3. Oh, for the love of Pete – google asked me to sign in and erased my entire comment. @@

    So, anyway, you're a tougher woman than I. I'm w/ Mike – no way, no how. We wouldn't be approved, anyway (I know this – I've seen the applications). So, we tend to take in the dogs that would otherwise end up as roadkill or picked up and used as bait for dog fighting. We're not, evidently, as good as a foster home, but we make a kick-butt halfway house/rehab center. 😉

    I'm glad Cally has a home with you!

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