Maybe next year . . .

Every year, as the “spring forward” time change approaches I tell myself I will start getting to bed earlier and trying to reset my internal clock.  Every year I don’t do this.  Every year, I find myself cursing on this Sunday night.  Oh well . . . at least I’m consistent.  Who knows, maybe next year I will really attempt to pre-adjust to the time change.  Probably not, but it could happen . . .
Fun weekend.  The weather has been spectacular.  Mike and the boys did scout stuff all day on Saturday.  That gave me a day to teach Cally about the electric fence.  Scout helped.  I’ll say one thing for Cally, she’s not stupid.  It’s been going really well.  We have the little flags up around the perimeter of the fence for a week or so until Cally has learned the boundaries.  It’s not really a Better Homes and Garden landscape look, but worth it in the long run.  
A local dog-lover asked me if Cally was part Bernese Mountain Dog.  I had to google the breed to learn that she has similar coloring, but is far too small and has way less hair.  However, reading about the Bernese dogs, I found a link to a site for Appenzell Mountain Dogs and without a doubt, this is what Cally is.  Crazy, we have basically adopted a Swiss Border Collie.  At least now we better know how to train her.  

I’m getting the feeling that our neighbor is not happy with our decision to adopt another dog – not that either dog is in her yard or is a nuisance in any way.  I think the flag border for the electric fence might have been the trigger.  Either way, we had two visits from the police today.  One in the morning on a code enforcement thing that was a non-thing, but, man, Mike was angry, angry, angry.  Mike is not an angry person.  Not a great way to kick off the day.  Late in the afternoon, there were 5-6 boys (10-12) playing down here.  Nothing unusual and they were following the neighborhood rules of staying away from the neighbor’s house as much as possible.  Still, a police cruiser pulled up here around five with a complaint about bikes and debris cluttering the road.  The officer looked around – there were a bunch of bikes in my yard and nothing in the road.  @@’
I’m at a loss.  Clearly something about us makes this woman seethe with anger and hatred.  But, all joking aside, I’m tired of meeting the Winter Springs police one at a time.  What a huge waste of time, money and resources.  Mike has decided it’s time to have a truly HUGE party . . . he figures if we’re having the police here twice a day on a day where we’re doing yard work and laundry, we might as well have some fun.  
I dunno.  I just want to be able to live my life without thinking someone is watching our every move – it’s just creepy and sad and creepy.

9 thoughts on “Maybe next year . . .

  1. yay for your Fancy dog! I think she'll be perfect for you guys. Way better than a border beagle. :O)

    Seems like the police would tell her to bugger off at some point. Luckily, you live in an area in which they aren't having to dash out to investigate murders, but it's still a waste of their time. It sounds really stressful, I'm sorry someone that's such a mess is right next to you.

  2. Your new dog has beautiful markings! What a beauty!

    Could your neighbor be harassing you? I don't know, but it seems that this is no way to have to live. Does she have family? Can someone contact next of kin? Maybe she is not just nuts. Then again, maybe she is!

  3. I think Portia is right… what's going on is bordering on harassment, and you should look into it.

    And yeah, invite the police department to your next wingding.

  4. Okay…I was looking at some newsletters for the Winter Springs Police Department.

    They have an Explorers program…I think some of your boys should join it.

    Your next cook out could be a fund raiser for Kids' House of Seminole county which is a charity of theirs. Invite the police department to participate.

    Finally you and Mike need to enroll in the next Citizens Police Academy.

  5. Oh, man, I hate neighbors. I'm just not very friendly. I can't imagine living though what you have had to endure. I think I'd honestly have to move. In fact, I'm sure Mom #2 would insist we would have to move because my anxiety would be through the roof. You poor thing! You have a much better attitude than I would, I'd be shivering in the damp corner of a padded room . . . how's that for a visual, LOL.

    I always promise myself a head start on springing forward too. Never happens. NEVER.

  6. I think all the blog buddies should come to the big bash – and our families. THAT should scare her into silence. I mean, if we were all invited and all of course. 🙂

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