I know you . . .

I stopped by the police department yesterday just to see if there was anything to be done about our mean neighbor.  I was happy to meet with a police officer who has NOT yet been to our house.  As I started to explain the situation, he held up his hand and said “So you’re 232 Oak Road!  I know all about you.”  Gah!  I’d hoped to be a pillar of society by the time I was 45, not a roll-the-eyes-street-number.  (Really, I never wanted to be a pillar of society – society would have to be in pretty sad shape if I was one of the ones holding it up.)  
He went on to say we’d become famous on Christmas Day when our neighbor broke Andy’s arrow AND sicced the cops on us before 10 am.  Basically, though, he told us to just live our lives, the police accept that mean neighbors are a part of life and as long as we’re not breaking any laws, just let it roll off our backs.  By law, if she calls with something that sounds reasonable, they have to come.   I thanked him and told him that whoever is working on July 4 is welcome and we’ll set him up with a plate of food.  He laughed and said he’d let the other officers know. Wish I had read the comments before my visit to the PD.  I like the idea of a fundraiser.  I’ll keep you all posted.  
Next stop the vet.  If anyone is looking for a vet in Central Florida, leave a note in the comment section – I LOVE our new vet.  Scout is old but incredibly healthy.  We have a new medicine that will alleviate the need for the cone-of-shame – I hope – otherwise we’ll try a steroid shot. Cally was beyond well-behaved.  Things have calmed down quite a bit here.  Cally and Scout have worked out their territorial issues.  Cally has accepted that Scout’s in charge AND she’s noticed that this is easy to do since Scout sleeps so much.  
Scout commandeered Cally’s sleeping pillow last night.  Cally simply sat there while I brushed my teeth and tried to rub out my wrinkles with magic lotion (I think it will work tonight, right?).  By then, Scout was far gone and Cally just flopped on top of her.  This morning?  I had to brush Cally not because she was shedding but because she was coated in Scout’s hair.  Crazy.  Scout has come a long way with her personal space issues.
Andy and I are plowing through school clinging to the fact that Friday begins our Spring Break.  I don’t know if I’m  more ready for a break or if he is.  I have a big stack of books to work through next week – yay for fiction!  Send positive math thoughts our way in the meantime.  Lots of them.  

Now to figure out our health insurance for the upcoming year . . . ugh.  Anyone have dental insurance that they love?

5 thoughts on “I know you . . .

  1. At least you have a great police department! LOL

    We haven't had dental insurance in 5 years. I think we're ahead, too. It's so expensive and we don't have major dental issues.

    Plus, we found a dental college not far from us. We take our toothes there now for a great discount. 🙂


  2. Math is a sore subject here.. Basically I can spell math and that is IT!

    We have really bad dental insurance. The upside is as long as we remain overseas they pay for the kids braces.. I am terrified to see the cost when we return..

  3. Ah, good to hear that they know what's what.

    We have had Met Life and United and both were fine, but they've been through Steve's assorted jobs.

  4. At least the police know that your neighbor is a nut. But what a pain in the ass having to worry about having the unexpected visitors.

    We have found a fairly simple solution to Tucker's shedding. I buy omega 3 soft chews from the vet that Tucker likes and work like a charm. His skin is no longer dry and flaky and he does NOT shed as much anymore! He also does not sit there and scratch like he used to. The container of 60 costs about $28 and I give him 1/2 a day. Not bad!

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