Today marks 21 years that Mike and I have been married.  I’m such a goober, I was thinking as I pulled this picture up that I should get a new one – um . . .wedding pictures stay the same, right?  

Twenty-one years,four kids, and so so much growing up and, huh, we still like each other.  We have been so very fortunate over the years.  We’re both grateful, but probably not as much as we should be.  But, we really are.  

In a bizillion years, if someone had told me when that picture was taken in 1990 that I would within the next three years have three little boys in diapers AND that just a few years later I’d be homeschooling them while pregnant with the fourth brother … my monster hair bow (see picture) would have shot off of my head with such incredible force, well … yeah, it would have shot off of my head with incredible force.  

My point being, life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.  And also, stupid is as stupid does.  And, also, look how YOUNG we were!!!!!  

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone. 

7 thoughts on “Twenty-One!!!!

  1. Happy Anniversary.

    Youth is wasted on the young… glad you both grew up in the same direction.

    Here's to the next 21. And more.

  2. OMG! A belated Happy Anniversary to you both! Married on St. Patrick's Day to boot. I was thinking I'd see some green in your photo, but I guess y'all were too classy for that, right? LOL

  3. Mom #1 – you overestimate our classiness – the reception was full of shamrocks and green beer and you name it! The bridesmaids wore emerald green (I'm so so sorry for the dresses, ladies!) . . . still, it's a fun day to get married.

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