Spring Breaking . . .

That’s what I’ve been doing. Like everyone, I have talents and I have weaknesses.  Unlike many who blog, I don’t always share my deepest thoughts, just my entertaining ones.  After my last post, we broke for Spring Break.  I opted to break from blogging because one of my “talents” is meanness.  If I just blog on the spur of the moment, I’m likely to hurt someone’s feelings and just because I think something in the heat of the moment doesn’t mean I want to hurt anyone, so I took a week off. 
The older boys still had their classes (their break was the week before ours) so it was me, Andy and the dogs.  Cally, though taller than Scout is definitely a puppy.  Yikes.  In one way it’s easier than having a toddler, I can just dump food into her bowl and go back to my own caffeine.  In another way, it’s harder because I think she’s about as smart as she’s going to get, so my general toddler activities are not working on her.  Imagine!  She ate the play-doh, crushed the sidewalk chalk and ate the dough before we could make biscuits.  (kidding)
Actually, we had a great week.  After St. Paddy’s Day, we started break.  The temps have been climbing here and our neighbors opened their pool on Friday evening.  The kids swam; the grown-ups were in sweatshirts and socks and shorts shivering.  Monday, we took Scout in for her first steroid shot.  Must have been old dog day at the vet’s.  There were five dogs about Scout’s age all waiting in the lobby for their shots.  The vet didn’t even bother to bring us to a room, they came out with a tray of “old dog” shots for everyone and there was not even a heavy breath.  Good news, though, as I’m typing this Scout is on DAY SIX of no cone and no chewing off her tail or her legs.  It’s wonderful. 
Tuesday, Andy and I ventured over to the Brevard Zoo.  It’s about an hour from here.  WOW!  It’s so easy with just one kid.  We packed a lunch, stopped and got drinks for the ride out there and had an amazing day.  On the way out, it occurred to me that we could actually buy an ice cream since I would not have to buy four.  Andy was shocked and awed.  In fact, when we got home, he could not get out of the car fast enough to tell his brothers that “Mom bought ice cream at the zoo!”  Danny was actually mad about this.  (FTR, the ice cream was delicious.)
The rest of the week was spent on reading books we wanted to read, rather than books we HAD to read, working in the garden (really, pictures soon – it’s incredible – everything is growing!), teaching Cally the electric fence and some basic manners and just enjoying the ease of daily life with school not in it.  I spent quite a bit of time thinking about soap and how/if I want to sell it . . . undecided as of yet.   I spent a LOT of time in each room of the house culling things we don’t use or need or want.  YIKES!  We’re not really shoppers, so where did all this stuff come from?  By Saturday, though, I felt lighter and ready to face anything.  It’s great to get rid of stuff you don’t love or need.  Anyone here ever do FlyLady?  I did for years after Andy was born and lost track of it.  I think I might start up again.  I loved it when I did it (except the wearing shoes all day).  Anyone want to join me?
Sunday we had some neighbors and my parents over for an End-of-Spring-Break cookout.  It was so much fun (aside from one my neighbors caving to her younger son’s sickness of early that week and having to go home – poor bunny isn’t even nice enough for how sick and sad she was).  I have to say, though I never would have said it when I was 18, my parents are so cool and awesome and fun.  Really, it’s such a surprise and such a gift to have such amazing parents.  
It’s nice to get everyone together when it’s not a holiday or birthday or any other event.  It’s nice to just come together and eat and talk and have fun.  I heart Mike.  He made shish-kabobs (veggie – pork- chicken – hot sausage), snickerdoodles (which I turned into ice cream sandwiches  via the magic of a spoon, plastic wrap and the freezer!) and a spicy chipotle coleslaw.  Other contributions to the meal included deviled eggs, a beautiful pasta salad and a lemon pound cake (wish there were a way to hide such a cake under my bed before anyone else gets a glimpse). 
So, I’m back.  I’m refreshed.  What’s new in your lives?  You can make stuff up, I don’t get out much and I’ll be impressed with anything you tell me.

5 thoughts on “Spring Breaking . . .

  1. So amused at Dan being annoyed at the ice cream. I was SO bitter at how much easier my younger siblings had it. *I* wasn't even the kid that broke my parents' will!

  2. What's new here? Nothing. Spring has completely overtaken everything and I am, once again, ridiculously behind the curve! I blame growing up in the desert. You've got a good two months between when the grass turns green and you have to start mowing before it gets ankle deep. Here… well, yeah, not so much. IT'S SO GREEN! And DEEP! But it's raining, now, so… yeah… wild.

  3. There's a reason the youngest is always spoiled, isn't there?! I already feel sorry for Zeb's wife! LOL And the olders get over it when they have kids. I know as I'm the oldest. 🙂

    Here? Our goats had a total of 7 kids in 1 week. We're thrilled, but it takes up a grand portion of our day.

    Since we're in such a drought that I'm not enthusiastic about planting a garden this year. We put in a few veggies (you know, to feed the rabbits) but not a huge garden as usual. I can't handle the enormous water bill that comes in droughts like this.

    However…the perennial gardens are doing wonderful! Many thanks to Lowe's! LOL 🙂


  4. I gave birth in my bathtub. And now there are five kids in this house. I'm tired. Hubby is in love and already talking about #6.

    My word verification is “reducer” which is clearly NOT what I'm good at.

  5. Okay, you're all interesting, but Jilly wins! She had a baby in a bathtub!!!! Congratulations on the new family member.

    Deana, you and Dan must meet someday. LOL, you're so alike. “I” was the kid that broke my parents' will, I should understand more than I do.

    Dy, I'm with you, I LOVE this time of year (minus the pollen) – it's hard to explain the green, isn't it? Enjoy!

    Beth, Zeb will forever (as will Andy) be three, so no worries about the wife. Bummer on the veggie garden, but the garden is no help if you're paying buckets of $$ for water. Take pictures of your flowers, I'm so jealous. I'm flower-impaired.

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