Inspiration . . .

Okay, I’ll be honest here.  Mostly I think police are the good guys.  I like the many, many officers who have visited our home since our neighbor engaged her hate campaign.  The police we’ve met have been nice normal people.  It never occurred to me to film them doing their jobs – heck, it never occurred to me to film my own kids being cute.  But, after seeing this video, I’m kind of rethinking things.  What do you all think? 
The law is the law and the law was totally on the police side of this.  BUT, where is the common sense?  Where is the judicious use of resources? They brought out five police cars, some government woman in her sweatshirt and mom-jeans (someone nominate gov’t woman for a segment of What Not to Wear) AND A back-hoe to remove a pole that had been there for 60 years? I won’t even mention the government lady flat-out lying.  Gah!  I complain about our little town wasting money, but, come on, Delaware has nothing better to do with their resources? 
Whatever, you can watch and see for yourselves.  I have to say, the mom climbing to the top of the basketball hoop was an inspiration to me.  I don’t know that I could do that.  Push ups in the morning.  And, someone remind me to get Mike to add sandbags to the bottom of the basketball hoop, I’m not as tiny as that lady, with my luck I’d tip over and crack my head open on the concrete and then our mean neighbor would make Mike and the boys clean my brains off of the street before they could bury me. 

3 thoughts on “Inspiration . . .

  1. Ah, makes me ever so proud of my home state. But honestly, for Del State Troopers, that was very civil. history suggests they'd beat the man with the cane to the ground.

    I dearly wished someone had thought to say “Sir, keep your wife off the pole.” or “You can't keep my wife off the pole!”

    Thank heavens I have no home-owners assoc. it would be all I could do not to violate it daily.

  2. I think I would have to get all the kids in the neighborhood (and in their school for that matter) to congregate in the street outside that neighbor's house and just bounce basketballs for an hour every night…they could practice bounce passes and dribbling up and down the street…imagine the racket they could create…they could even dribble in time to music…sweet georgia brown or something.

    Flash mob of bouncing basketballs on the sidewalk!

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