I’m not a Seattle kind of girl

I love Seattle.  It’s beautiful.  But it rains there – a lot.  I’ve lived in Florida too long for that. We’ve had two days of relentless rains and storms.  I’m like one of Pavlov’s dogs.  The minute it clouds up and starts to rain, it’s all I can do to not drop immediately on the floor and go to sleep.  Two days of fighting the urge to nap is more than our house can handle.  (These are pictures of my backyard – we do not have waterfront property!)
The afternoon the storms started, they started with a bang.  What had been a terrific spring day quickly went to 60 mph winds, no power and tornado warnings.  I had already started heating sauce for spaghetti when the power went out.  Our house is cave-like even with power.  I was crawling through the kitchen cabinets looking for my stash of candles when Ian walked in.  I was complaining about the sudden headache I had.  Ian just rolled his eyes and turned off the gas burners and opened some windows.  :::sigh::: I’m going to be a scary old person. 
Here are some pictures of the yard and the neighborhood during the storm.  Andy spent most of yesterday wading with Cally through the mud and puddles out back.  I cannot even face going out to see what the laundry pile looks like.

Today the sun is out and it’s a beautiful, perfect day.  I think I might make it through without a six-hour nap.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even get dressed?

4 thoughts on “I’m not a Seattle kind of girl

  1. rain was horrible here too. Thank god for Ian! Sadly the boys have today off…why am I saying sadly…Alexander has been trying to win some sort of April fools prankster award.

  2. Sorry you got clobbered so badly. Just south of you, we rushed out in the hazy, pollen filled, super windy weather to get errands done so we could hunker down after lunch when the storm was supposed to move over us, but it didn't. We watched it settle in to stay over y'all and not a drop here until after dark. Not much roar left from that spring lion by the time it got here, but we did have a noisy hail storm at 1:30am.

  3. The rain was much needed but did it have to be all at once? My back yard looked much like yours only without all the grass.

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