Men, men, men, men . . .

Wah . . . I truly accept that men and woman are different animals. Heck, that’s a big reason for us homeschooling the kids . . . (but, there’s always a but)  But, there are days that living with five of the “men” species that try my patience.   Today was one of those days. I spent much of today and this evening wishing for a secret tiny white/little bit o’pink apartment.  I wouldn’t live there, but I could go and read and do clean things and watch Lifetime TV movies until I was ready to go back to Man World.
Gah . . .make a decision – really, just say yes or no and move on!  Gah . . . say what you’re going to do and do it! If you don’t follow through do not look to me for sympathy.  Gah. . . really? you walked through that pile of dust/dog hair/crud that I just swept up and didn’t notice?  Gah . . . what part of “If it’s it not in the laundry hamper, it will not get washed” did you miss on the short-bus ride to the west wing of the house?
It’s better now, they’re all asleep (in bed, not with the fishes, but in real beds and not talking to me or asking anything of me) . . . tomorrow is another day. 
Most days, I love my men . . . today . . . I still loved them, BUT . . .

5 thoughts on “Men, men, men, men . . .

  1. I was SO glad when the baby that I pushed out into the bathtub was a girl. I might have sent it down the drain if it had been boy #4. My 12 year old won't let her brothers anywhere near the new baby- “She's my ONLY sister! You're too dirty and gross… go away!”

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