What IS that smell?  That would be what I thought was going to be chili for dinner. Will I never learn to label the stuff in my freezer?  It sure looked like ground meat when I pulled it out, stuck it in the pan, added my carefully cooked beans and spices.  In the past thirty minutes, it’s become abundantly clear that that was NOT just ground meat.  It was the filling I use for runzas.  Runzas (runzae?) are delicious.  Runza filling (ground meat and cabbage mostly) with beans and chili powder and cumin and assorted other spices not so delicious.  I am loathe to toss food, but I may actually get one of the boys to dig a hole out back and bury the whole pot.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get the smell out of the kitchen.  *&&^%&*$*#(#^@^(%&

3 thoughts on “*&^%&^$#@#!#$%

  1. Oh man.

    I was thinking when I saw the post title… “Amy found that guinea pig.”

    So I am actually happy for you in a weird sort of way…

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