Happy Friday

Long week here.  I will be glad to finish up the school year.  Fifth grade math for the fourth time might just be the death of me. 

Couple of quick pictures to share before we join the neighbors for Happy Hour at the pool.  Yep.  Life’s rough here. 

Sure, Cally looks smart in this picture.  The jury is still out, though.  I returned early this morning from taking Dan to work to find her dancing in the front yard with several rolls of toilet paper, the plunger and a shredded toilet brush.  I left it all in the yard for our friendly neighbor to see on her way to work. 

Lookee!  Tomatoes!  They’re growing really well despite the monster storm earlier this week.  Some of the other plants did not fare as well. 

Not too much else going on here.  I was out driving around today and noticed how many “awareness” bumper stickers there are.  What exactly does it mean?  How many things must I be aware of and how often and for how long?  Not being aware would put me on the same level as a puppy-hater, but sheesh . . .

While I’m complaining can I just say that if a school requires that you perform community service hours as part of a class and as a significant portion of your grade, it is no longer community service.  And, what exactly IS the connection between a sixth grade math class and “volunteering” for a teacher-approved organization? 

One more and I’ll go have an adult beverage by the pool and calm down.  Please, please stop saying “I want to give back to ….” Have we all been taking things?  Just give.  Obviously if an organization helped you at some point in your life (say the Red Cross or something) you might want to give to them.  BUT . . . come on!!!!

Okay – cheers!

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