We just learned that Dan did not get the Navy ROTC scholarship.  We’ll be getting a letter with details soon.  :::sigh::: I’m sure it’s the hernia that kept him out of the Naval Academy – he’ll be graduating from high school with an AA degree and a 4+ something GPA.  Now for Plan B.  Thing is, our Plan B sucks.  I don’t know what we’ll do next.  I’m so anxious for the boys to go to college without accruing a lot of debt.  Wah . . . I’m such a baby.  I want things to go our way.  Dan is hugely disappointed but being much more of a grown up about the whole thing than I am.  I guess I will go scrub something until I feel better.  Shoot.

4 thoughts on “Sad

  1. I have a friend whose brother did not make medical clearance freshman year, and joined the unit without the scholly. Got the scholly he next 3 years. I am sure he would be willing to talk to you. He is now a pilot for Jetblue.

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