After talking with Dan today we have decided to wait for the official letter to see why he did not get the scholarship.  I will be very surprised if it is not the medical issue.  To that end, we will contact a GI and see if the hernia can be repaired surgically and get that done this summer.  In the meantime, we’ll visit his top three schools and figure things out for next year.  Dan plans to pursue the scholarship (assuming the hernia can be fixed) for the 2012-2013 school year.  I have to say that he’s an amazing kid.  His reaction to this has been much more thoughtful and much saner than mine.  Weird.  I’m not a clingy mom by any stretch (or AM I?  I don’t think I am, maybe I should ask the kids) . . . but (and there’s always a but) when I see such consistent hard work and dedication fail, I want to go “talk” to people and straighten them out.  Who knew?  I’m the Luca Brasi of moms!

Best part?  I only have to do this three more times!!!!  😉

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