Why I *heart* Mike

I told Mike this morning, after his coaching football practice for Andy’s team, about Dan not getting the Navy Scholarship.  The man knows me.  He and the boys were committed to chopping up a downed tree at my parents for the early afternoon, but when he came home, he suggested we go to Lowe’s (NOT Home Depot).  We bought (squee) paint!!!!!  I’m testing it now in the kitchen and living room.  I think it’s awesome that Mike knows that I flip out when I cannot control my life.  I’ve been carrying paint swatches around in my purse for nearly a year.  Timing is something.  So YAY Mike!  Cross your fingers that the colors work.  Paint, I can control and it calms me down.

You all know what this means, don’t you?  I will be needing new quotes for my walls!  Funny, wise, Latin or anything else you can come up with will be appreciated!  Soap for the quotes I use (just be sure to leave a valid email so I can contact you).

4 thoughts on “Why I *heart* Mike

  1. “I've got tiger blood and Adonis DNA”

    “I’m not bi-polar, I’m bi-winning. I win here and I win there.”

    “We are High Priests, Vatican Assassin Warlocks”

    OK maybe not.

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