Not-dead neighbor

:::sigh::: We made it almost three weeks, but she’s back.  The police have been here twice since yesterday.  All nonsense calls.  I need to keep a cookie stash for visiting cops.  Stoopid crazy neighbor.  No way will I relent and share some of the monster crops of tomatoes ripening in my garden.

Ian and I ended up skipping Atlas Shrugged last night (midnight show).  He’s been working as the assistant stage manager at a play at the community college he and his brothers have been attending as dual-enrolled high school/college students.  The play ran late and there was not enough time to get to the movie theater (about 1 hour away) – we have plans for Monday, though.  I’m anxious to see it for myself.

In the meantime, we went to the beach for the day yesterday.  Me, Bing, Andy and Ian.  Ahhhh . . . it’s still chilly to me ( kept my sweatshirt on most of the day) but Andy and Ian romped in the water for hours.  Bing and I fought over chips and queso while we read and ignored each other.  Really?  Does it get better?  Not really.  We topped off the day swimming at the neighbors’, eating pizza and watching Harry Potter 7.  We are such a lucky family.

Still painting quotes on the walls in the kitchen.  I’m pleased with how it’s looking.  Next up the living room/office area with all six floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.  Ugh.  Lots of clearing and cleaning and taping to do . . . it’ll be worth it.  Right?  I found some nice, sturdy, sort-of-girly fabric for the floor pillows too.  I love when things fall into place.

Still looking for quotes.  (Deana, your “Your ad here” is going right over the front door.  We all love it!)

5 thoughts on “Not-dead neighbor

  1. Will work for food! That is what is going up on kitchen wall.. When I actually have a kitchen wall that is mine!

    I can not wait to see the photos..

    I would call the cops on your neighbor and complain that she is to quiet. ha ha !!

  2. You know, Sabrina made a good point.If you don't see or hear from your neighbor for a few days, you should call the police for a welfare check… tell them you're concerned since she's been too quiet.

    I'd do it often.

    I'm sure she'd love it.

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