Unexpected . . .

Today we got a call from a naval officer.  Dan and I were both out and he spoke to Mike.  He told Mike he’d been reviewing files and felt that with Dan’s academic record, test scores and other stuff he should have been in the first tier of candidates accepted.  He asked Dan to resubmit all of his stuff directly to him.  Go figure.  More ups and downs.  This is a tremendous second chance for Dan and opens up a lot of other schools for him.  If you’re a prayer, please pray.  If not, send a good thought or dance naked under the beautiful full moon tonight.  I’m so stunned at this turn of events I don’t even know what to think.

In other news, I picked three gorgeous grape tomatoes today along with the first jalapeno pepper.  Mike wanted to make a wee tiny thimble of salsa.  We just snacked on it instead.

13 thoughts on “Unexpected . . .

  1. Good thing we're pray-ers here!

    (Mark just said we'll dance nekid under the moon. HA)

    YAY!! Keep us posted!


  2. All the Things Crossed! Eyes squinched shut, and praying. (((you guys))) S'about dang time something like this showed up. XO.

  3. You all are awesome. I am amazed at how many nekkid (wanna-be) dancers are out there. I won't tell Danny about you all for about 20 years, but he'll appreciate you then as much as I appreciate you now!

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