Back again . . .

This week has flown by.  We’ve spent much of the week reconstructing Dan’s Navy ROTC scholarship stuff.  He had to track down his recommendation folks (no small feat) and work out the rest.  All of this up and down is exhausting for me.  Dan seems fine, but I’m too old for it.  And, once again we’ll wait and see.

What else?  Last Friday, Bing, Andy, Ian and I went to the beach.  Ahhhh . . . Pollen-free air is such a beautiful thing.  Ian and Andy swam most of the day.  Bing and I huddled on the blanket not talking, just snacking and reading.  Really, it was a perfect day.  Even dumb old tunafish sandwiches taste amazing when you’re at the beach for some reason.

The bigs are finishing up their semester.  I’ve been reading lots of papers and trying to edit, NOT rewrite (I went to college already, right?).  I’m so proud of all of them for how much their work and, more importantly, their ability to budget time has improved.  It’s kind of bittersweet not to be involved on a day-to-day basis any longer, but I’m happy to see that they can all think for themselves and that they’re willing to ask questions and to question the status quo when they don’t get it.  Andy is actually ahead of this year’s plan (not sure how that worked out) and I find myself looking to our yearly evaluation with my annual dread.  What if I didn’t do enough? What if he’s behind? What if blah, blah, blah . . .?  Really, though, what if?  What happens?  AND, what makes me extra-stupid is that I know what I have been doing works – the three older boys are proof.  But, nooooooo . . . Andy is going to be the exception.  (It’s okay, you don’t have to thwack me with your stoopid stick, I’m banging my head on the desk between letters as I type.)

Bing and I went to see the play Ian has been working on all semester, The Rimers of Eldritch.  Ian was the Assistant Stage Manager and he did everything from learning to set up a sound system, to learning to program lighting to holding a back-up pistol for the stage shotgun in case of failure.  He had a blast and learned a lot.  That said, the play was terrible.  The acting was surprisingly good, but the play itself?  Sucked.  Ian warned me but he has my tendency to (perhaps) exaggerate things.  He was NOT exaggerating.  Weird, weird, weird.  My neighbor’s mom and her senior group were sitting in front of us and she kept turning around to ask if I knew what was going on.  We all took comfort in the fact that none of us knew what was going on.  I was proud of the lighting and the sound and of Ian.  It was a great afternoon.

I’ve been painting and repainting like crazy.  The kitchen is finally done.  It’s bright and happy.  I hate that I cannot find my own camera – trying to get the kids to take pictures is like pulling teeth.  I’ll figure it out, though.  My favorite kitchen quote?  “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”  If you’re not a Godfather fan, don’t worry about it.

The garden is beautiful, but I want ripe tomatoes NOWWWW (in my best Violet Beauregarde voice)  . . . Again, the lack of camera is disappointing right now.

Hope all is well in your worlds.  Hope to have some more pictures over the weekend.  I’m off to start painting the living room.  Wall quotes still needed if you come across anything.

3 thoughts on “Back again . . .

  1. I just came across a quote I loved, you can save it for next time: It's not what they call you, it's what you answer to.”

    Love “take the cannoli.”

  2. Here's a quote for you, if it's not too long. I have no attribution for it.

    “The truth is out there. Does any one know the URL?”

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