6 thoughts on “Laundry Tutorial

  1. Does that work? I finally have two children who do their own laundry. If they want clean clothing, that is.

    Only problem is that Lyssa keeps stealing my jeans. I am bigger than she is, so they hang on her. And then she insists they're hers.

    So now I write my name inside my pants.

    Is there a laundry basket label for that?

  2. I would like to divide my clothes….boy stinky and filthy vs. mom's non-stinky and only lightly soiled.

    But I divide my clothes much more sophisticated than just white and non-white. We have white, light colors, darks, towels (light and dark), sheets and REDS (which also include oranges). Now I might combine loads if I just have a bit of whites and a bit of light colored towels or a bit of whites and a bit of light colors….but the sorting is a complicated process.

  3. I thought I was the only one with laundry issues.. Currently my kids seem to think the floor is an acceptable place for their clean laundry.

    ACK! Who decided that to be socially accepted one must wear clothes. Counting the days until we can just live in our swim suits.. (OK I was talking about the kids there)..

  4. Today starts my laundry cycle of the week…Thursday and Friday one to two loads a day, Saturday and Sunday anywhere from 3 to 4 loads each day, Monday-sheets and towels, Tuesday and Wednesday off unless completely behind or I have strange loads like delicates.

    If my dryer worked like it should the whole process is painless. My dryer barely working gums up the system.

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