So tired . . .

As a rule, I’m not a tired person.  In fact, to most people I know, I have an annoying amount of energy/stamina.  I try to put it to good use but sometimes, I fail.  I am in the middle of painting the living room and hallway and I pulled something in my leg.  Tim told me it’s my hip flexor muscles and it’s common in kickboxing, soccer and track.  Well, that leaves me at a big loss. Still it hurts! And the painting is not getting done.  All I know is that any random step might lead to an excruciating burst of pain that sends me to my knees.  Then all is well for a few hours.  Getting old really sucks.  For now, ice and ibuprofen are my friends.

Dan has put in tentative yeses to his top two schools – NC State and FL State.  We’re finishing up redoing his whole Navy ROTC paperwork.  The officer handing Dan’s stuff wants to have a face-to-face interview next week in Jacksonville.  We’re already planning a trip to Raleigh (just me and Dan – how fun is that?  More fun for me than him, that’s for sure.) to see NC State and visit my sister and we’ll go right through Jacksonville.  Honestly, this whole process (the Naval Academy, the ROTC yes/no up/down thing) is exhausting.  It’s got me on edge.  It’s got Dan on edge.  It’s so hard not knowing what is going to happen.  Still, it’s exciting that Dan is getting a second chance.  Chins up and all of that.

I think I’m not so much tired as looking for escape.  For now.  Right?  The longer we go through this process, the more I wonder about the value of a college education.  I know there’s value, but where’s the limit?  The financial aid forms I’ve been looking at (and, according to most universities, we live in a cardboard box) I have to wonder how much debt is acceptable.  I also wonder how many parents just say “Sure,  we’ll take out a few loans for you, kid.”  I just don’t know.  Again, my need to simply sleep and escape thinking about things that are difficult. 

Big plus for this week?  My mom is visiting her cousin and left us her car to use.  Whew!  A third car is as close as I’m going to get to having a maid.  It was so awesome this afternoon to run some errands without having to check anyone else’s schedule.  In fact, it was so awesome I did not even bring my phone with me!!!  Talk about freedom.  Thanks, Bing.

3 thoughts on “So tired . . .

  1. My daughter went to FSU. Good school. Debt? Well, it was up to my kids to try for scholarships and then decide where to go. If they went someplace that required housing, then the loans came out. Yes, they are both in debt with college loans. We did take a loan for my daughter to spend a Summer semester in London. WELL worth it!

  2. We're handling the college thing thusly:

    Matt lives at home.We don't charge him rent, he comes and goes as he wishes. He paid for his own car. He pays for his insurance and cell phone (his choice, I was willing to continue to pay for those things) and his own school. He has taken out some loans. He's paying the interest on them now, which will save him thousands later. We did not qualify for any financial aid, although we are quite generously paying for foreign students to attend college, all sorts of downtrodden minorities, and you know, single moms and dads and people with hispanic surnames… which is why the loans.

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