Absolutely Fabulous!

 I’ve been doing this wrong.  Today is proof.  I worked all week to get the house together, Andy’s school on track and all the stuff I usually do so I could “attend” THE wedding. I know it’s stoopid, but I watched Diana way back when and I’ve been dying to see William and Kate get married.  Lucky me, my neighbor shares my brand of insanity.  She, too, lives in a house of men who do not appreciate the wonder of a royal wedding.

We discussed getting up (or in my case staying up) at 4 AM to watch everything in  real time.  And, the more we talked about it, the more appealing Tivo became.  A plan was hatched.  We met at her house, directly across the street, at 8 AM.  I shuffled across the street in my pj’s and my “dress” bathrobe.  My kids were still sleeping (because we’re vampires) and her kids had just been shipped to school.  Neither of us are morning people, so we grunted at each other and sipped on our morning beverages while we broke out the wedding supplies:  a paper doll book featuring Kate and William, courtesy of Dover Publications; champagne; Irish Breakfast Tea (I just like that better than the English kind); chocolate/butterscotch scones; cucumber sandwiches; strawberry/cream cheese sandwiches; orange juice; assorted tea cups, tea pots and champagne flutes.
And . . . we fired up the television.  Ahhhh . . . it was a perfect morning.  Once we were sufficiently awake, we’d reached the point where the “players” were reaching Westminster Abbey.  Time for mimosas.  Really?  The last time I had a drink that early in the morning I think I was still in college. Now I remember why I liked tailgating (could take or leave the football game itself).  We flopped on the couch, snacking, drinking, criticizing hats (it’s a wonder no one lost an eye – sheesh), deciding whether Beckham (is he yummy or what?)’s wife needed a mayo sandwich or a mayo AND butter sandwich.  The highlight was Eugenie and Beatrix (ce?) – talk about the ugly step sisters!!!!
I wish I was a betting sort – I voted that the queen would wear yellow a week ago!  She looks great for 85.  What I find amazing is that she was wearing probably priceless jewelry and you hardly noticed it! Queen Mary’s brooch?  THE Queen Mary?
We moved on to discussing books as we watched the events unfold.  The church brought to mind Pillars of the Earth and you really have to marvel at how, over 1000 years ago, people were able to build such a wonder.  We also talked about how weird it must be for the guests, most of who could not see anything except the people across from them.  Next, listening to the choir, we talked about Anne Rice’s book Cry to Heaven which was about the castrati in Italy back in the 1700’s (I think that’s the time of the book). 
And, on and on it went.  The wedding was beautiful.  I don’t get the royalty thing, really, but it’s so nice to see something happy and hopeful for a change.  What a great couple they seem to be … I hope it’s real.  We ate and drank and enjoyed the boy-free atmosphere.  (Have Elton John’s arms always been so short?) It was a beautiful, cool day here and from our couch posts, we were able to look out of the sliding doors and watch the wind blowing on the pool.  Life sucks sometimes, ya know?
When everything was wound up, we cleaned up and I did not trudge, I skipped, back home to find something that made a great day better.  The older boys had helped Andy with all of his schoolwork.  There was laundry going.  Their bathroom was freshly scrubbed.  The dishes were clean.  The dogs were happy.  Really??? I skipped through the house and hopped into bed for a nap.  Gah – days do NOT get better.
I’ve since informed my neighbor that I will need a key to her house as I plan on sitting by her pool, drinking and snacking, every morning from now on.  Who knew?
I’m back to painting for now, but my frame-of-mind has rarely been this good.  If anyone cares to join me, I’ll be poolside with drinks and snacks tomorrow morning.  I think if I play my cards right the kids might finish painting.  😉

6 thoughts on “Absolutely Fabulous!

  1. I didn't get to see the ceremony – I caught them walking out of the church. For some reason that wedding just made me happy, they seemed so happy…. I enjoyed the heck out of that!

    By the way, did you see the dress she wore later? Wow – two beautiful dresses!

  2. I snuck up to my room (with the excuse of getting things wrapped and ready for Peyton's parry) and watched ALL ALONE! And, it was wonderful, and quiet, and wonderful… No boys to disturb my girl moment.

    Oh, if I was closer I would be sitting with you next to that pool… Its that time again for us to look at orders. (doesn't it seem like we are always moving, or waiting to figure out where we are moving)? We tried so hard for Florida, but his detailer seems to think I want to live in endless snow in MD.. But, still I could fly to Florida in like 2 hours….

  3. Mrs. D – the dress she wore to the dinner was amazing! As was the little blue dress she drove off in later . . . sigh.

    You and Sabrina both need to come here and we'll sit at my neighbor's pool. (You guys would love each other, I'm sure.)

  4. I thought I was the only person that read Cry to Heaven! I loved that book. And only vaguely remember it now.

    didn't watch, but I did enjoy the photos. Esp. the weird hats.

  5. Knew I loved you, Deana. Let me know if you want to re-read the book. I'll send it to you (with your victory soap) when my neighbor finishes.

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