Road trip . . .

Dan and I leave tomorrow.  It’s weird how easy it is to pack for just two people.  We have recreated his initial (with improvements – thanks, Joanne and Drew!!!) application in under a week.  Dan has an interview in Jacksonville tomorrow at one.  Good thoughts, nekkid moon dancing and prayers are welcome and appreciated.  Dan actually got a HUGE haircut.  I dunno, it might have been my “whose-damn-spoiled-child-is-this” rant (you know, the one where I shout while tottering on my step stool – the height helps – “Do you seriously think your stoopid hair is worth $100,000????  Really?  Do you?)  Ugh … low moments in parenting.  There is a reason I’m not a yeller or a screamer – the above is why.  Still . . . he got his haircut – it’s not Navy recruit short, but it’s respectable. Poor kid got my hair – short of shaving it, he’s always going to look like he just got out of bed.
After Jacksonville, we’re headed to Raleigh to spend a few days with my sister and her family and visit the NC State campus.  I’m happy to have some time with just Dan – that rarely happens and it’s only going to happen even more rarely.  
Andy, who I’ve been dragging around on my pre-trip errands, is a hoot.  Last week, we borrowed my mom’s car (the cutest, cleanest Toyota Highlander) while she was visiting friends in AZ. For years, all I wanted was a second car.  Now, I’m spoiled (and sharing my car with too many people) and a third car makes life amazingly easy!!! 
As Andy and I parked the car and locked it, Andy patted the hood and sniffed “I remember when she was just a wee muffler . . . ”  the story grew, I’ll spare you the full story as it was REALLY long but eventually he got to the part “Then, one night I put her to bed and when I got up in the morning :::sniff::: she’d grown her first tire!”  I hate co-ops, but I might have to join one, I don’t think Andy’s getting out enough.  

Everyone go hug your cars and your kids – they aren’t little for long.  Wish us luck tomorrow.  I”ll be back when I can!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Road trip . . .

  1. Happy Trails!

    Sounds like a fun time. Are you listening to a good book during the drive?

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