Eventually the iron will kick in . . .

Right?  I am always anemic, but I let my iron supply run out … no good reason, I just did.  And now I’m paying for it.  I”m SO tired.  I have new iron, but it takes a bit to kick in . . . until then, I sleep.  

Teenaged  kids are ticking me off lately.  This is the new notice on the fridge.  We’ll see how it goes.  

Other fun stuff in the works, I’ll try to get to it all tomorrow.

Dear Sons, 

Dan, Tim, Ian:

Summer Alert!!!!

1) Once I finish what is in the hampers, you are on your own for laundry – clothing, towels, sheets, blankets, etc.

To start a load of laundry, you must transfer what might be in the washer to the dryer and fold what might be in the dryer – NEATLY. If you do a crappy job of folding (meaning I have to iron something to actually wear it or use it, you WILL find it dumped on your bed where you can start over). You must finish your load of laundry – to the point that it’s folded and put away or I will dump it all in the dirty stuff.  No pulling out one shirt (and not coming home to finish the job).   You may not run loads with one or two articles of clothing; plan accordingly. You have ONE day to do your laundry – no leaving stuff for two days in the washer or dryer.

Hang it up, put it away or put it in Goodwill.  I’m tired of nagging and asking and everything else.  If I find it, it’s going to Goodwill.  My days of four loads of laundry a day without ONE person saying thanks or even bothering to put things away or sift through a basket without unfolding everything I folded the night before are over.

2) The Suburban is mine.  I let you use it. If I get into the Suburban ONE more time and it looks like homeless people live in the car, be prepared to have me drive you, at my leisure, to your scheduled activities until you move out and buy your own transportation. No garbage on the floor, if the garbage bag is spilling when you turn a gentle corner, it’s time to change it, clean out your cups, what’s the deal with five blankets in the car????, moldy bathing suits and towels? Books? Random paper garbage? It’s disgusting and I did not make it that way. Yes, it’s an old car that has seen better days.  Oh well.  You all are old enough to remember when we were a one car family – that’s the alternative.

3) Meals.  Leftovers first. Variety is fun in a diet. However, it’s becoming a problem that you all insist on making something NEW everyday for lunch and dinner.  Please try to work through what’s in the fridge before you start a whole new culinary adventure.  Lots of people eat the same thing twice, even three times, in a row and thrive. Sometimes, you have to do a little work to make a meal – not a lot, but you have to make an effort…

4) If you see it, and it needs done, do it. Don’t wait for me or Dad to ask. You know when the garbage can is full, when the floor is filthy, when the couch is disgustingly full of crumbs, when your toilet is coated with cracked, dried-up pee, when you cannot even open your bathroom door it’s so jam-packed with dirty clothes and towels … 

I hope you get the message.  Love, Mom

7 thoughts on “Eventually the iron will kick in . . .

  1. Halfway through your letter to the boys Bette Midler starting singing in my head “did I ever tell you, your my hero”…

    Ian and I sat the boys down and had a pre-deployment talk. They are NOT babies, and I will NOT be their maid. Maybe you could draft something for my fridge?

  2. Can I just change the names to Connor, Garrett, and Reilly? The only thing I'd need to add are fishing poles and the fact that the lures with sharp hooks are no fun to unstick from the seats in my van. Other than that I could just copy and paste.

  3. Must be the early hot weather this year that's frazzled our patience. I read the riot act and posted a rules reminder notice earlier this week.

    You have a sharp crew. I'm sure they'll be in ship shape soon!

  4. I hope you don't mind that I am shamelessly stealing those rules for my refrigerator. What is it about warm weather and boys?

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