I am not yet dead . . .

Stoopid computer viruses!!!  We got a monster here – still working it out, but slowly we’re getting back online.  Gah! (And, yes, that is an actual picture from the garden.)

It’s been crazy busy here – finishing up our TENTH year of homeschooling (Dan for the last time), finishing up the painting and pillow-making (that no one here but me gives a hoot about – it’s all pretty-ish for a house with five men living in it, though) and putting together a big graduation party for Dan.  

Usually, I’m not big on high school graduation parties – but, heck, it felt like a celebration for me too – yay Amy, you didn’t totally ruin him and all his future prospects by homeschooling!!! – he graduated with what I would say is beyond high honors.  No speeches just a lot of people, a whimsically decorated back yard (I think someone took pictures), a lot of food and exceptionally perfect weather!  To say I’m tired is beyond things – I’m completely worn out.  Still, I’m glad we had the party – it was a fun afternoon/night.  Very memorable.  Mike’s parents even came for the party – we have not seen them in seven+ years. (Long story, you’re not going to read it here.)

So, because life does not occur in well-timed intervals, Dan’s MANDATORY orientation at Florida State is tomorrow. A lot of people think Florida is a small state – it’s not.  Tallahassee is a good five hour drive from here and it’s the most boring drive EVER. I’d be more enthusiastic if I saw anything on the agenda to make this trip MANDATORY (their capital letters, not mine). From what I can see, if a kid is smart enough to get into the school, he should be able to negotiate a map, manage to sleep when he’s supposed to without being locked in a dorm and the rest could be easily and MUCH more cost-efficiently done online. :::sigh::: I don’t work, I can’t imagine what this is costing the parents that do work!!! 

Dan, Andy and I will be trekking to Tallahassee for the next 2 1/2 days (Ian and Tim are taking summer classes and I can’t just leave Andy sitting home making toast and watching bad tv for six hours a day now can I?). Woohoo – if you’re not working for the state government or going to school there, there’s not much in Tallahassee.  Cross your fingers the hotel pool is nice – it’s Andy’s only hope!  We’ll be spending much of our time finding an apartment for Dan (he missed the housing deadlines and the dorms are full!!! I’ll spare you my feelings on this . . .) – I see much boredom in Andy’s future.

And, for the very curious, we alerted our local police force about our wild party.  Not one police car showed up here last night.  Hmmm…. their loss, I guess, we had a lot of great food. The neighbor WAS spotted by a few party goers, but she is not against bad music, lots of beads and sparkly lights or flamingoes.  I need to start a folder . . .

5 thoughts on “I am not yet dead . . .

  1. So much excitement! I hope the trip goes well and he finds a good spot. Is he hoping to get a flatmate or get a place of his own? I have no idea what apt prices might be like there.

    My verification word is “pertful” which seems so right for me.

  2. We enjoyed the Florida State orientation when we went with my daughter back in 2003. She missed the housing thing, too, and ended up at one of the private dorms. It was nice, actually. Some of the apartment complexes are totally insane with loud parties and such so just be aware. The photos are not representative.

    Sending your first one off to college is sad and exciting at the same time. For some reason they tend to act extremely annoying just before going away to school so it is also a relief. 🙂

  3. Congratulations and what an oh-so-exciting time. I love graduation parties. Ours was very non traditional too, just like everything else in our life, LOL.

    I can't believe the neighbor didn't call the cops. Maybe she's FINALLY softening up.

  4. Hmmm pertful is an excellent verification word. I must find a way to work it into my day tomorrow.

    Dan is looking for roommates and an apartment. I have a list of places to check with Andy tomorrow after we hit the strategically located donut shop.

    Portia, I am getting a lot more the annoying and exciting right now – I'm sure the sad will come, though.

    Yes, Dot, FSU is the same school where Dan's friend-that-is-a-girl goes as well. It wasn't my first choice for him, but, really it's the school that makes the most sense.

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