Road Trip!

Like every road trip ever planned, we left much later than expected today for Tallahassee. We had a long stop at the bank to get Dan’s official “homeschool” transcript notarized (why in the world a notary stamp makes it more official is beyond me) and then, my parents were nice enough to swap out one of our crappy cars for one of their nicer ones.  We picked up my mom’s Toyota, left the ancient truck and hit the road.  Ahhh the joys of driving something so clean and in good working condition!!!!!!  

It was tricky trying to find something Dan, Andy and I could all listen to on the drive.  Finally we agreed to revisit Harry Potter IV – The Goblet of Fire. I had forgotten how funny the parts of the Quidditch World Cup are in the book. We timed our drive to match a HUGE band of thunderstorms.  That made things fun and MUCH slower. But, we made it in plenty of time.  Checked into our old, but very clean, hotel and then went for some dinner before dumping Dan on the curb of an anonymous dorm for his “programming” session.  (Programming is the school’s choice of words, not mine. They even have special parent programming sessions.  Bummer that I’m not available.  I’m sure I would have enjoyed it.) I dunno, I should feel bad that I’m not one of the parents standing around with their kids, but Dan really does not need me to hold his hand at this point . . . right? No, I know I’m right.  He’d feel stoopid and I’d feel stoopid and we’d end up fighting.

This hotel came nicely recommended from a few sources. Really, we just need a safe place to sleep, a small fridge, a pool for Andy and wifi for me. For under $50/night, what we have totally fits the bill – plus the lady in charge when we checked in was amazingly nice. Still, I have to admit, I keep screaming when I look in a mirror.  When I’m just sitting here, I feel like I’m on a vacation in the 70’s with my parents – you can then imagine my horror when I glimpse in the mirror.  The room has that almost smoky smell – not quite, but you know it would pop out if you picked off the paint. The only thing missing is 10-year-old me and the rabbit ears for the tv.  So, nothing fancy, but just right for me and Andy. Andy swam for a while when we got back to the hotel – but something in the middle of the city was burning to the ground and the smoke was simply too thick to sit in.  Finally, we headed back to our room.  

Andy went to take a shower – he was cold – it was only 80 when he got out of the pool – gah, Florida kids. I fired up my mom’s laptop (have I mentioned how awesome my parents are? car keys, a computer AND a pack of double stuff Oreos!!!) and started checking out apartments for Dan.  

Sorry, Dan, you’re 18, you do not deserve nor need a state of the art gym, a tanning dome (whatever the hell that is – Dan is Vermont-pale and the thought of him near a tanning anything makes me shudder) or a kitchen with (I’m NOT joking) granite counters and a double oven in your first apartment. I’m anxious to see what exactly it is we can afford. I’m hoping Danny is not over-programmed when I show him what we’ve found and is willing to accept less than hardwood floors and bidets in every corner. He’s grown up with stories of the “less-than-perfect” (understatement) apartments Mike and I both had in college and I think we’ve had 
more time to program him.  I’ll keep you posted.

After Andy’s shower and my shocking online visit into off-campus housing, Andy and I set the ironing board up between the two beds and started on a MONSTER game of Monopoly.  We played for nearly four hours! We’re not done but the game is safely packed away for tomorrow night.  I LOVE having this time with him – no brothers, no dogs, no chores for either of us.  He’s such a weird, funny, awesome kid. (He gave Dan a tip for meeting new people.  “How much does a polar bear weigh? I don’t know, but enough to break the ice. *stick out hand for a shake* Hi, I’m Dan!” Weird, but better than anything I had. 

He set up the coffee pot and the alarm (so we’d be up in time for hot Krispy Kremes) for the morning before climbing into bed. He double checked with the lady at the front desk that we’d get a paper in the morning. It’s like he’s 70! I told him he could get his news online, but he insists he likes the paper – no big argument here.  

Wish us luck on our apartment hunting tomorrow. It’s supposed to be hot and stormy here tomorrow, so I’m looking for a good indoor activity for us in the afternoon.  I think the antique car museum might be a hit.  

(Sorry, no camera with us and the hotel is refusing to upload my fun google pics of a 1970’s vacation hotel.)       

4 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. Sounds like Andy has the perfect item for a fun time in Tallahassee – YOU!!!

    Check around campus, too – may find a room in an apartment with other students. Or find one that can fit more than one kid and have him post to find a roommate closer to fall term.

  2. Safe, clean, and under $50 a night. . . I've never heard of such a thing. We're moving!

    Sounds like a great trip so far, I hope you can find that low rent, yet safe, and clean apartment very soon.

    At least enjoy the rest of that Monster Monopoly game. I LOVE Monopoly . . . the longer the better.

  3. I wish I had known you would be playing monopoly…jay has the FSUopoly version and it would have been fun to send that with you.

  4. JFS – I think our best bet is going to be having him keep tabs up here on people looking for roommates. And, I think you overestimate my fun-ness. LOL – I bet I don't see Andy for a few days unless he needs food.

    Mom#1 – the hotel thing can be done, but it's always a crap shoot. We got lucky this round. You really need to come play Monopoly with Andy – I finally called the game after 10 hours (total over 2 days) tonight. He wanted to keep the hotel for another day to finish the game.

    Claire – I didn't know they made such a game! We could have taken the board around to use as a map LOL.

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