Better Dan than me . . .

I’ve never spent a great deal of time in Tallahassee.  I always thought it was pretty and very un-Florida-like with its hills and trees. (stock photo, not Tallahassee) Before we had kids, I used to come here for work periodically. But, I never saw much more than the hotel I was staying in and the meeting rooms. But now, after a long day trekking through the city and its apartments and various stuff, I have to say I’m glad it’s Danny who will be living here and not me.  (No offense to anyone in Tallahassee – I’m sure for people who live in “real” places see a whole different side of the city.)  We visited six apartments this morning with Andy in charge of my cell phone and the GPS.  That we found the one place after Andy changed the language to Mandarin is a miracle.  

I am not really a headache-y kind of person (excluding allergy-induced headaches).  Today was the exception.  By noon, I was nearly in tears with the most incredible headache EVER. I paid a fortune for a bottle of Excedrin and downed three quickly.  Good stuff. Feeding Andy coffee and donuts early in the morning was probably not the best strategy in hindsight.  Oh well.  We saw the apartments.  I have them mapped out and I have a list of five more to look at tomorrow morning. I’m ready to go to graduate school or something – some of these places are seriously nice. The kind of nice that would be lost on Dan, but I would certainly enjoy it! 😉

Still full of donuts, we headed to the Tallahassee Museum. More hindsight – we should have done THIS in the morning and saved the apartments for the afternoon.  Much of this museum is outside and it was about 95 in the shade by the time we arrived.  It was pretty cool – as in neato, though.  If we lived here I’d definitely have a membership if I had very young children – great playground in the middle.  We explored a Florida plantation house, kitchen and slave quarters.  Next we walked through a late 19th century Florida farm.  My hat is off to anyone who was insane enough to live down here pre-air-conditioning.  For sure we would have starved.  

Still, Andy and I had fun.  He was such a hard baby and toddler that I’m still surprised by how easy he is to be with now.  He’ll talk and talk and talk and then is perfectly happy to sit quietly with his own thoughts for 30 minutes.  And, he just cracks me up.  He packed NOTHING but blue and orange clothing for this trip  I did not even realize he owned so much blue and orange clothing. (blue/orange are Gator colors – Florida State’s biggest rival and Mike’s and my alma mater).  The child is fearless.

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped at the local grocery store.  Sure, it’s the same chain as our local grocery store, but it was totally different (the produce was on the RIGHT!!!!) so it was fun.  We bought chocolate, a hair brush, wine and a corkscrew (the Excedrin can only do so much).  Then we spotted a Goodwill.  We had to check it out.  You can tell a bunch of energetic college kids work there.  All kinds of interesting, artsy displays … we didn’t see anything we had to have, but it was fun to check it out.  

After eating some sandwiches in our room, Andy swam for an hour or so while I read under an umbrella.  We went back to the room, watched an awesome thunderstorm from the window while we debated the merits of ordering a pizza or getting back into the car for dinner.  The storm was enough that we ordered pizza, put on our pj’s, set up our ironing board and finished up our Monopoly game while watching Scooby Doo and a bunch of Fraser reruns. It really doesn’t get much better, does it? 

We’ve got the car mostly packed and I think I set the alarm correctly for tomorrow – we’ll see, I guess.  Not a terribly exciting trip for us, but definitely worthwhile based on my very brief conversation with Dan this afternoon.  He is not enjoying being “programmed.” He called it college with cookies and juice boxes. Still, he really liked the advisor from the Engineering School that he met this morning.  Dan’s community college math and science classes were accepted with no problems.  From what he said, a lot of the kids who had taken AP high school classes were going to have to repeat.  Whew – dodged a couple-thousand-dollar bullet there!  I was so uncertain when we first started along the path we took with Dan.

We head home tomorrow, late afternoon. It’ll be nice to be home for a few weeks with everyone together and nothing huge looming over our heads (I hope).  Cross your fingers that we beat the afternoon thunderstorms on the trip home.  See y’all tomorrow night!!!

One thought on “Better Dan than me . . .

  1. “That we found the one place after Andy changed the language to Mandarin is a miracle.”

    This line cracked me up! LOL

    I love it that you guys went to Goodwill. I judge whole cities by the content of their Goodwills. *snort*

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