Bloggish thoughts . . .

I’ve been such a slacker-blogger lately.  I went long enough without blogging to really spend some time thinking about why I blog and did I want to keep blogging.  Blogging is a weird thing.  It IS a selfish, kind of arrogant thing to do.  Who am I to think anyone cares what I do? And, I DO think that often when I’m typing here.  BUT . . . mostly it’s selfish and I’m okay with that – this blog is open to anyone to read and/or comment and all you’ve lost is your time, right?  

I love being able to go back and read about dumb stuff we did.  I love stopping each day to think about mundane things and what makes them interesting.  I love making myself find something in each day that is worth writing about.  Sometimes it’s funny or insightful, often it’s not. To me, a blog is not like keeping a paper journal. With a paper book to write in, I write some of the fun stuff, but I tend to focus on the negative stuff and, really, I’m enough of a glass-half-empty kind of person that I don’t need to spend my time doing that. The blog has really helped me put into words what a great, even when it’s stoopid, life I have. And, sometimes, someone reading picks up something they can use or avoid in their own lives. I enjoy that much more than being all mean and angsty in a paper journal.

So, my wishy-washy-ness is over.  I see how fast the years have gone by since I started this blog and there are so many posts here that remind me of things I would have forgotten long ago had I not taken 10 minutes the night after whatever happened to write it down.  I’m glad I did and I think I’ll keep doing it – my goal is for a daily post from now on.  Obviously, the blog will probably be less kid-centric as time goes on, but who knows what’s next? So, I’ll keep at it for selfish reasons.  8)  

7 thoughts on “Bloggish thoughts . . .

  1. OK, well I vote that you KEEP BLOGGING!!

    Ever time I read your posts I smile, and sometimes I laugh out loud and then re read it to Ian…

  2. Deana is right. Facebook, if visited too regularly, can kill blogging. (Ask me how I know.)

    I love when you blog, Amy. I didn't always comment, but I read it frequently and you neer failed to entertain me.:-)

  3. Keep blogging.

    I go in ebbs and flows, I assume we all do . . . except Ami, she's the best blogger ever.

    I like looking at my old posts too. It's funny how different an even can look a few weeks, months, or years after the fact.

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