Random questions . . .

I couldn’t resist the picture. It’s been cracking me up all day.  Now, on to the questions.

Who gardens? What in the world do I do with rogue tomato plants? I have a couple that are nearly 7 ft tall with baby tomatoes on them – how do I save them and stake them?  We only have another few weeks of tomatoes and I want to get all I can from them.  

Is your refrigerator organized? If so, how?  Our fridge died about a week before our party last week.  Mike picked out a new fridge.  It’s gorgeous and kind of space-ship-like.  BUT . . . I’m struggling to figure out the shelves and how to make sense of it.  It is bigger than our old fridge, but it seems wrong.  Tips?

Those of you who have let your children leave home to go to college . . . is there a list of stuff they’ll need somewhere?  I think I have a decent start on a list, but I’m struggling with the concept of supplies for one person. How many towels, sheets? What else? I think most of the kitchens are furnished, but we’ll send him off with a good knife.  What else?

Have you all heard of Terrapass?  There’s the link if you want to check it out.  I saw several TerraPass bumper stickers while we were in Tallahassee.  I sort of looked at the website, but I don’t get it and I was tired so maybe I missed something.  I’m all for saving the planet, it just seems weird to me to pay someone so you can get a bumper sticker to tell the world you’re saving the planet. I’m not necessarily opposed to something like this but I just don’t understand it.  Can someone help me out? We compost, garden, buy recycled clothing and household goods when possible, we carpool, though we did  recently switch back to incandescent light bulbs b/c after 18 months, I hate the spirally ones and the warning about sitting with one of them close to my head freaks me out. Still, in our defense…we are huge library supporters.  But, TerraPass?  I have to pay for us being alive along with living responsibly?  Maybe I am missing the point.  WHO am I paying when I pay for my car or my family with TerraPass? Why do they benefit from my “sins” against the planet? It’s a gorgeous website – someone is paying for this and whose money are they using?  I’m sore confused.

10 thoughts on “Random questions . . .

  1. There's a neighborhood here with 'speed hump' signs, too. Always cracked me up.

    The whole carbon offset thing? Well, I can tell you that Algore has a controlling interest in a very large company selling those same carbon offsets!

    And in a strange coincidence, I am posting about goodwill in the morning with a suggestion to Al to give me a call.


  2. Well some items depend on if you live in a dorm or apartment. Like dorm you might need a little caddy to carry your toiletries to the bathroom and back again. Apartment you don't carry your stuff but you might need a supply of cleaning supplies to clean your own bathroom and kitchen.

    Number of towels? I say 4. Two sets of sheets?

    I have no idea how you figure out what you need…at least summer camps send you a list. Maybe they handed out a list at the parent programing? LOL 🙂 Hey maybe target has a registry list for college students that might help?

    I feel for you as I am packing my kids' suitcases for a week trip with my parents and all too soon I will be helping Alexander pack for college. If a week is this hard, I can't imagine sending him off to college.

    Does Dan have enough underwear and socks? Pack of pencils and a pencil sharpener?

  3. Both of my kids left for college with a lot of stuff. After the first year most of that stuff stayed home. I guess everyone over purchases. There are books and websites with suggestions and my daughter dutifully wrote lists. I think my son would have brought a change of underwear and another shirt and felt he was packed.

    If the laundry facilities take quarters, give him a roll. Other than that, laundry soap, any kitchen stuff he feels like he must have, towels, wash cloths, bath mat, stuff to clean the bathroom (HAHAHA!), hand soap,sheets, computer and printer. Trying to think back to my son's apartment. That should do it!

  4. I'm no fan of Al gore, but I am rather concerned about the planet. I'm not going to let my dislike of him or of those who profit from a “green” label cause me to live irresponsibly out of spite. Like the giant Dodge pickup I saw with a bumpersticker that proclaimed “I'm Not GREEN.” I wanted to shake him. You're going to be belligerent about doing your part to harm the planet? Really? does that make you more…manly somehow? I hope he gets crabs. And not the yummy smothered in Old Bay kind.

    ANYway. I don't use CFLs. The mercury exposure risk is too high to justify the energy savings and the light they give off messes with sleep rhythms. How's THAT for wackadoo street cred?

    Buying Carbon offsets initially seemed to me like a way to buy off your guilt. Like buying your way out of serving in the Civil War. I just went and read a bit about them at How Stuff Works. looks like there are–of course–plenty of scams, but some legit businesses as well. I'm still not getting a feel for why a family or individual would buy unless one just has gobs of money to hand out. For most of us, living lightly is a more reasonable option. I say as I live in a drafty old energy suck of a house, driving my elderly van with increasingly terrible gas mileage…But I buy local produce, right?

  5. The kitchens are furnished? With plates? weird.

    I lived in the dorms so I took a moderate amount of stuff due to space limits.

    You can stake the tomatoes up with cages or if you have space just stretch them out so they get sun. We run some of our tomato vines on the ground. You do have to watch the tomatoes a little more closely for damage from bugs etc.

  6. Looks like an interesting site. If you go to the “About” section of TerraPass, it gives a definitive list of all the places your money goes.

  7. Thanks for your input, I did go back and study the site further this afternoon. I think I'm just going to stick with giving $$ to projects independently for now.

    I think we'll pack “light” for Dan. Mostly, I think bedding/bath basics, a big Costco run for paper goods and non-perishables and I'm going to call it good. Bobbi, I'm not sure on the kitchen thing yet, but I have plates and pots and pans he can take if he needs them. :::sigh::: I want to go to college.

    Deana, I guess we can all only do what we can with our imperfect cars, houses and lives. I know more people who are making some kind of effort than who aren't, so at some point it has to make a difference, right? It makes me happy that you aren't using the scary light bulbs too, though.

  8. I don't know anything about anything as Mom #2 is in charge of our gardening and our “greenness.”

    If you get a good list together, can you post it? It looks like Baby Boy is wanting less time at the CC and more time far, far away *SNIFF*

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