It’s not easy living here . . .

I know I paint our lives to be a paradise of grace, grandeur and good fortune, but surprisingly, that is not always the case.  Hah!  I’m such a liar.  I never paint our lives that way.  And, if you are a teen boy in my house seeking a driver’s license, for some reason this pursuit is cursed.  Cursed, I tell you!  

Tim is the last of the “bigs” to get his driver’s license.  You can check the archives for Dan’s and Ian’s sagas.  I thought I had everything covered.  But, of course, I didn’t.  Ian and Tim came home from their morning classes at  the community college and commented that one of the turn signals was not working.  I sent them to the auto parts store (Yay! Mike taught them how to do this stuff!!!) to fix it.  They tried a new bulb, they tried a new fuse.  No go.  BUT . . . no problem.  My parents are off on the most amazing cruise ever (more on that later) and they offered us the use of my mom’s car.  So, we were still good for Tim’s test . . . car with current registration, insurance and everything working.  Problem?  Tim has never driven anything remotely small.  

We headed out an hour before the test to let Tim get a feel for the car.  It took a while, but he got the hang of  stopping a tiny car without anyone going through the wind shield.  With confidence we headed into the DMV for our appointment.  A woman who was most surely George Lucas’ model for Jabba the Hut greeted us with a snarl.  Tim gave his name and appointment time.  She said, “You’re here for your Learner’s Permit?”  and Tim said, “No, ma’am, I’m here for my driver’s license.” She hunched up her fat, piggy eyelids (covering mean, blank eyes) and said “That’s not what I have here.  You already HAVE a license.  A Learner’s License. You should have requested a Class E license.”  Are you kidding me?  Tim and I just stared at her.  Finally, I asked, can he take the road test today, we don’t mind waiting.  This woman could be the poster child for everything wrong with government.  She was even dressed in fleshy pink/purple/peach stretch gear to match the brain-numbing walls – think Jabba-the-Hut in pink/purple/peach stretch gear with some stains from lunch on the front of the shirt.  She rolled her soulless piggy eyes again and said “Oh, I don’t think so.”  And she waved her fat piggy hand to dismiss us.  

So, we left, made a new appointment online for NEXT Monday.  Please, please, please let it be that woman’s day off.  Poor Tim was so disappointed.  I was furious and disgusted.  Has anyone else ever heard the term “Learner’s License” before?  I never have and I’ve done this twice before within the past two years. Learner’s Permit is the only term I’ve ever seen in writing or heard. I have never ever heard of a Class E license.  Well, now we know and we’re filing it away for the day when Andy has to drag me to the DMV.  

6 thoughts on “It’s not easy living here . . .

  1. Boo, hiss! What a crazy woman. Gotta say that I've been grateful to find the local DMV people kind, articulate, honorable, even sweet. How weird, right? I hope some of that kind of weird shows up for you guys on Monday.

  2. Poor Tim, that purple woman surely could have simply fixed the paperwork. Nothing worse than public employees on a power trip.
    Hang in there!

  3. When I tried to get my MD license, piggy woman's sister told me I needed my marriage license to show why my name on my SS card was different than my birth certificate. @@! Went home to get it and decided to go to a different office. They never asked for it!!!!! I feel your pain

  4. The classic case of someone with a little bit of power, then abusing it. Don't even get me started on the government! 🙂

  5. You should absolutely report her. Write a complaint. That woman does not deserve to hold a job that someone else would be grateful to have.

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