Today it’s my birthday …

I’m not sure what to think.   I feel a lot like I did when I was very young, sometimes even when I was very, very young and then I try to spring out of bed.  Mostly I spring out pretty quickly, but the cracks and pops are a little disconcerting.  How did I end up being 46???? How did I end up with four kids, one adult, two almost adult and one 11?  How did all of this happen?  I love it. Still I wonder if saggy skin is the price you pay.  It’s such a weird feeling to be “almost” done with 3 of the 4 boys.  The house stays clean longer (minus laundry), it’s quieter, the conversations are FAR more civil (Andy’s still on the light side of puberty) and yet, I don’t feel done.  I’m NOT  done, I have Andy to ruin . . . but to go from chaos to calm so quickly is a little surprising abd disconcerting.  

46.  It seems weird to be THIS old.  I’m not unhappy with anything. I look my age, but I don’t think I’ve aged badly – I just hate that I’ve aged. I got most of my hair cut off the other day – think pixie for curly hair.  It’s a cute hair cut and I had something similar when I was about 19 (when I met Mike).  Still like the hair, but it’s funny how the face is sort of the same, but not really.  That would be my face – young vs. old. Oh well, this is as young as I’m going to get, right?  This is the first part of my 40’s that has freaked me out a bit.  I’m moving on as of NOW.

I mentioned, earlier, my parents being on a cruise. I’m so excited to hear about it.  In the past few days, they’ve been in Nice/France, Pisa/Italy, Naples/Italy and I think they’re in Rome right now.  They’ll move on to all kinds of amazing locations, including two days in Venice. There were never two people who deserved a trip like this more than my parents. I’m so excited for them that they actually took the plunge. I received a b-day card from them today (thanks Matt for sending it).  They’ll be in Venice when they celebrate their 47th Anniversary.  How awesome is that?  I’m hoping my mom makes little notes about what they saw and what they ate while they’re traveling.  In the meantime, Andy and I are looking up the cities they’re visiting each day. Andy was wishing he’d sent my folks off with a watermelon to toss off of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Hindsight and all that.  

Tomorrow, nothing exciting. Andy has an ear infection, so he’s going to the doctor in the morning.  Scout’s last steroid shot didn’t work so she’ll be going to the vet in the afternoon to discuss options. Andy had Ian take him out this evening to buy supplies (with his own money – sniff) to make me a cake tomorrow.  There’s a big bag of stuff on the counter and I’ve sworn not to look.  I’m a cheat, I made Danny look.  Danny wouldn’t give details, but he said it should be an amazing cake even if Andy screws it up.  8) Cross your fingers!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Today it’s my birthday …

  1. Aww, you're just a baby compared to some. Like me for example.

    And I know what you mean about springing from anywhere. Ain't happenin'.

  2. Happy Birthday, Amy! I hope Andy's feeling better and does a bang up job on your birthday cake. I'm sure it will be at least 3/4 pure love with some flour, eggs and chocolate thrown in for good measure.

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