The beginning of the end . . .

I just bought midnight tickets for me, the boys and Bing to attend Harry Potter 7, Part II.  I’m excited AND sad that it’s all coming to a close. I am thrilled, though, that all four boys and Bing will be there to finish our tradition of midnight madness. We’ve all stayed up late through the book releases and the movies and we have had SO much fun doing it. I’m going to be sad to let it all go.  

I had a great birthday.  The day wasn’t much fun.  Our doctor couldn’t squeeze Andy in and his (Andy’s, not the doctor’s) ear was making him miserable.  We ended up at one of the doc-in-the-box places and they set him up with ear drops and an ominous warning not to get wet for a week.  Nice thing to tell a child who mostly skips soap and shampoo when he CAN get wet.  I bought some Febreeze along with his medicine – we’ll see how the Febreeze does. As a last resort, I will threaten to put on my bathing suit and “help” him get clean.  I’ve used this threat before and have never once had to put my bathing suit on.  Cross your fingers.

Despite his pain, Andy baked me all-by-himself-while-I-napped-on-the-couch an awesome, double-decker birthday cake. Can you say chocolate? Devil’s Food with Dark Chocolate Icing. When his second layer crumbled, I found him in tears in the kitchen.  I, being baking-impaired, despite my last name, explained to Andy the beauty of frosting and how to smoosh a cake back into something that looks cakelike.  It worked.  In fact, when our neighbors stopped by to wish me Happy Birthday (isn’t that awesome and just nice?) one of the kids remarked that it was a good thing Andy took ALL of those candles out as they had apparently been crushing the center of the cake.  It was hard, but I bit my tongue.  Damn candles and homeskool kids who can’t count.  😉  (kidding)  No matter, the cake was perfect – Andy definitely got some baking genes from his dad.  Someone dared use the “m” word  and I did not even disagree!  Shhh….

The other boys were working and at school so we didn’t actually have cake or anything until around 9 pm. Ian and Tim replaced my completely worn our cd of Wicked – I’m singing with the original cast as I type! I just love Wicked.  Dan is taking me out for sushi tomorrow and Mike came home with an amazing bouquet of flowers.  To top it off, the boys even played Scrabble, in person on a real board, with me. I won’t even try to explain the goofy things that had us roaring with laughter, but how lucky am I????  I’m so very, very lucky to have the family I have.  We have so much fun together doing the dumbest things.  I cannot imagine a better birthday! 

I bought myself these shoes and a pair of flip flops today – Payless Buy One/Get One 1/2 off.  They’re stoopid, but I wore them today and thought of myself as Dorothy – what shoes would she wear without the ruby slippers.  I think these are those.  8) 

4 thoughts on “The beginning of the end . . .

  1. Love your shoes, love your boys. I have mixed feelings about the end of it all too. Our little one is particularly enamored with the series. I'm re-reading the series again along with her, she is one Half Blood Prince and I am on Deathly Hallows. Last night we watched the special features disc on my new ultimate edition blu ray of The Sorceror's Stone. It was incredible and now I need all the ultimate editions, lol.

  2. Oh Kaaren, you HAVE to make that cake. We're headed to the Winter Park theaters (by PF Changs) if you and Jake want to meet up for the midnight movie – you don't have to bring cake LOL.

    Mom#1 – yes, I'm with you, sons are awesome (mostly lol). I'm so lucky.

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