Venice Envy

I give – I am so beyond jealous of my parents right now.  They will be in Venice tomorrow.  I want to be in Venice tomorrow.  I want to be in Venice NOW if I’m being perfectly honest.  Waaahhhh.  

I used to read a lot of Anne Rice and I loved her descriptions of Venice.  I am also a fan of Cornelia Funke, children’s author and her book The Thief Lord is one of my favorites.  I loved the book, but I’m a bigger fan of the audio version. The reader is absolutely perfect.  It’s one of our “fall-back” books when we need something everyone can listen to on a drive.  I never get tired of it.  (The movie version is terrible, skip it.)

5 thoughts on “Venice Envy

  1. I KNOW. My kids were dying to go after that book. I was there for one day in 92 or so and was utterly enchanted. I'd love to go back.

  2. Well, here's the sordid secret. The canals and the whole city STINK. They don't have all the lovely modern sewage treatment plants etc… and they also have different standards about what's clean.

    Feel better?

  3. I was there in 90 degree July heat and it didn't stink. Or maybe it was oozing some sort of gas that made me lightheaded. It was murky, for sure, I wouldn't want to swim in it, but we'd heard it was smelly and it just wasn't. that day.

    Of course, I also have…lax standards of clean, so maybe I was just At Home there.

  4. I went to Venice as a child, since I grew up in Europe, but I didn't really appreciate it. I wish I could go back as an adult and REALLY experience it.

    Now I'm jealous of your parents too, LOL.

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