Monday, Monday . . .

Whew – I am so glad today is over.  It started early and got stupider and stupider as the day went on (and on and on and on).  I went to bed around 1 am, early for me.  But, I couldn’t sleep and I got up and went to the kitchen to make sure the ice cream in the freezer was okay.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I realized as I entered the kitchen that I was nearly ankle deep in water.  Stoopid dishwasher. So much for finishing the laundry. I stopped the cycle, dragged out a bunch of newly (:::sniff:::: some were still warm) towels and sopped up the mess and left a note for Mike.  Upside, the ice cream was fine.  Mmmmm….ice cream.

Mess cleaned up, I went back to bed. Woke up early to make sure Tim and Ian made it to their final exams for summer school on time.  Heh.  Not early enough.  They were pulling out of the driveway.  Oh well.  Their exams went well and they both have two more college class credits under their belts as they head into their senior year. I washed the dishes from the dishwasher, did some laundry and basically puttered around until Andy got up.  He’s had an ear infection that will not go away.  Hooray, today, I could touch his ear with no screams.  Actually, I could push on his ear, fold his ear and I dunno, what else can you do to an ear? It’s clear.  We’ll finish the drops and start using the ear plugs when he swims.  I was able to scratch calling the doctor from my list.

Ian and Tim got home.  We all had lunch and then Tim and I headed to the DMV for his “Class E” license test.  Jabba-the-Hut was nowhere in sight when we arrived.  It all went very smoothly, if slowly.  I wonder how long it would have taken if we’d NOT had an appointment.  As it was, we were at the DMV for nearly four hours. There are WAY too many cuh-ray-zee people at the DMV for my taste.  Tim is now a licensed driver and we are now Geico’s favorite customers – 3 teen boys and a tank, what’s not to love?

I paced around the house thinking about dinner, but not really inspired.  Mike came home.  Lucky for me, Mike loves food and is generally inspired.  He took over the dinner task.  The man has a gift with pasta, vegetables and leftovers.  Delicious.  After dinner, I got a taste of what life is going to be like with three teens with diverse interests and activities and two cars.  For now, we have my mom’s car (God bless her but, only a few more days of that easiness!)  I was planning a quick run to the grocery store, but noooo . . . I ended up at the local convenience store buying Diet Coke and rushing back so Tim could go to work – Alone!!!!  Dan was headed out on a date and Ian already had one car at a play rehearsal at the college.  ::::sigh::::: It could be years until I leave the house again.

In the short time I was gone, our charming neighbor called Animal Control to let them know FOR THE SECOND DAY IN A ROW that our dogs were running wild.  Ummmm . . . no, not running wild.  One, Scout is 14, she doesn’t run much.  Two, we have the electric fence (which neighbor knows all about, thank you).  So, yes, Animal Control has been here two days in a row.  Last week, we had a visit from Code Enforcement.  It’s a weekly, bi-weekly thing these days and there is NOTHING we can do.  I will be visiting Animal Control tomorrow with all of our documents and licenses and evidence that we do, in fact, have an electric fence – it’s that or pay the $100 fine for Cally not having her rabies tag on her collar – my fault, but I did have the paperwork.  Still, I will have to pay for a visit to our vet to get him to sign off on the rescue vet’s paperwork for Cally, so that everything is in our name.  Thank you, crazy, mean neighbor.  I had nothing else planned for that $100.

This is getting tiresome.  I’m losing my empathy for my crazy, mean neighbor.  We have NEVER done anything to this woman. We are NOT bad neighbors. All she has to do is come out and say hello and be part of the very nice group of neighbors we have.  We’d welcome her and let bygones be bygones.  For now, I worry about our dogs’ safety.  Mike says I’m nuts, but, too late, it’s in my head. 

Tim took Andy to Rebounderz, where he is working this summer, to bounce around.  It was his first solo trip as a driver.  :::sigh::: Pulling into the driveway as he was coming home, trying to leave room for Danny to park my Mom’s car (sorry, Mom, your pretty car now smells like teen boy but no scratches!) later, (and the only reason we have to do this is because crazy neighbor calls code enforcement if we park for more than 1/2 hour anywhere other than our driveway. Now lest you think I live in a fancy neighborhood where NO ONE does this, consider yourself corrected.  We all do it and no one cares when it’s temporary.)  Anyway . . . Tim pulled too close to the Suburban and left big scratches on my car and Mike’s truck.  Sigh, deep enough that rust is a worry.  At least he only damaged our own vehicles.  I was so surprised because Tim, by far, is the most cautious of our drivers.  I don’t think the lesson is lost on him, though. He was very upset. 

So, that’s our three for the day.  Could be much worse, could be better, right?  I’m going to wait up until Dan arrives safely home from his date and then crash.  

3 thoughts on “Monday, Monday . . .

  1. Sorry if this comment is a repeat. I tried once and Google appeared to eat it.

    *cringe* ((Amy)) I hope today goes much better. Lord have mercy, woman.

    I can't believe you told the bit about the dishwasher, though. For years, I've refused to run the dishwasher at night for fear that it would break and flood my kitchen while I slept. Recently (within the past four months) I'd gotten over that. Ahem.

  2. Oh, Kathy Jo – I'm truly sorry. If it helps, this is the first time the dishwasher EVER flooded in 20 years. I've always slept through it!!!!

    Mom1 – yep. Now to get her to find her own life. Do they have mail-order Russian husbands? It might be worth the expense. 😉

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