What a stoopid, stoopid week . . .

This week has been full of nothing but stoopid.  Tonight did not improve things.  Fortunately, it’s not my family that’s stoopid.  But, sometimes, external influences can make you cuh-razy.  Sunday night, batteries died on Cally’s electric collar and she landed in psycho neighbor’s yard for about 3 minutes.  Visit from Animal Control.  Monday night, Cally was contained in the yard, but still ANOTHER visit from Animal Control. Tonight, somehow someone turned down the dial on the range of Cally’s collar.  While Mike, Ian and Andy played catch with a football out front this evening, Cally casually strolled into neighbor’s yard. For about ONE minute.  Mike came flying into the house to check the controls on the fence and see if everything was working. (Can you even imagine having to react this way???  Most neighbors would not think twice about a 2 minute appearance by a dog in their yard. This is what we’ve come to.)  The border had been turned down all the way so that there was no shock.  I don’t know who turned down the border control.  I also don’t know who took Jenny either. I feel like I should install web cams around the house, but that’s just too creepy. 

By the time I was able to figure out what the heck was going on and wander outside, a police car was in front of our house and an Animal Control van was pulling up behind it.  As an added bonus, all of our neighbors began wandering out to see what it is we’ve done THIS time.  That makes SEVEN visits from police, animal control and/or code enforcement since June 5.  

Lucky for us, the police officer that showed up was “our” New Year’s Eve officer.  I’d love to meet his mom and thank her for raising such a nice young man – he can’t be five years older than Danny.  The Animal Control lady was very nice as well.  And, still, there’s nothing any of us can do.  As long as the neighbor calls, they have to come. AND, the nice police officer explained that she can simply swear out a statement to him saying our dog was in her yard, even if she wasn’t AND if she does this, the next call to the police, they can start fining us.  $50 for the first fine and it goes up thereafter.  Our recourse?  Hire an attorney and take her to court.  WHY THE FACE?  We cannot afford either option.  And, moving is not an option either.  

Now what?  The reason we adopted Cally in the first place was that the family who originally adopted her could not keep up with her need for movement. She came to us because someone is around nearly all the time to keep her moving. Cally is an awesome puppy, but she’s a puppy.  Scout’s old, but back in her puppy days she’d test the limits of the electric fence.  Of course, back then, we had a sane family that lived in the current neighbor’s house.  They’d either just bring Scout back or they’d call us to come get her.  End of problem.  ::::sigh::: 

I’m so frustrated and stressed out by all of this. Scout and Cally are not dogs that are happy with a 1-2 times a day leisurely walk.  Both dogs need hours and hours of being active.  If I have to leash them, this is not going to happen -there are just not enough hours in the day.   I do not have time to run with them all day.  I’ve reached paranoid level.  I’m so tired of being nice to police and the rest of them who have no real reason to visit our house and knowing that we have no recourse against this hateful woman.  It’s no longer funny or just “ooo crazy neighbor is at it again, let’s feel sorry for her because she’s all alone.”  I am fighting the urge to make Andy brush his teeth and hair and wear shoes at all times so she doesn’t start calling Child Services.  

We are we having to defend ourselves for being normal people against this hateful woman?  The burden of proof is on us. Everyone we encountered from the police, code enforcement and animal control agrees with us but!!!!! they just shrug.  They HAVE to come if someone calls.  I am worn out by all of this.  It doesn’t make any sense to me.  Sure, if someone calls because they’re being robbed or worse, YES the police should immediately go.  Sure, if someone calls because there is a 120# pit bull in their front yard, YES Animal Control should go.  Yes, if you’re worried about fire and someone is parked in front of the fire hydrant, call code enforcement . . . But where is the common sense???? 

Ugh … I’m tired of being the nice, smiling neighbor … we’ve done NOTHING WRONG.  

(And, yes, we’ve talked about talking to her, but after her cursing me out, cursing Tim out and getting into it with Mike, my gentle giant, I think it’s gone beyond that. I wish that wasn’t the case, but it is.)

Oh well, think good thoughts for us and especially for our neighbor.  

9 thoughts on “What a stoopid, stoopid week . . .

  1. Uch. Does she have a well you can slip meds into? I wish you could contact her family and tattle on her.

    Zero tolerance policies, in all their forms, suck. Nothing is black and white. Even zebras have grey bits.

  2. Have you discussed this with a lawyer? Sure sounds like harassment! Also, any adult kids should probably know about this in case they care enough to help her. You never know, maybe adult children stay away from her for a reason.

    So sorry this is happening!

  3. Can you put up a six- foot tall fence on that side of your yard? Or plant fast-growing, thorny bushes? Or build a trellis and plant trumpet vines? Maybe a physical, visual barrier between her and the dogs would appease the old bat.

    If she hates or is afraid of dogs, even a brief visit from a dog on her yard can seem too much. Now that it has twice happened, she may always wonder if it can happen again (just trying to see it from the pov of someone maybe traumatized by a dog in their youth – been that person until we got a Lab. Now I 'get” dogs!)

  4. It sounds like you may have to go the privacy fence route – even across the driveway – and lockbox any access points that aren't inside the house.

    Have you considered having the police dust the controls box for prints, to see if she turned the control down to zero. I wouldn't put it past her in any way considering her unstable and harrassing behavior and the disappearance of one pet already.

  5. If she can swear out a complaint against you just on her word alone…I would swear out a complaint against her and Jenny going missing.

    I think someone is mentioning it but you know how in buildings (thinking schools) the a/c control in some rooms has a plastic box over it and a key that locks the plastic cover on…could you lock up the electric fence controls…put a copy of the key on everyone's keychain plus a couple stashed around inside the house where you can get to them quickly.

    I also believe you should give some thoughts to “good fences make good neighbors”. But for goodness sake get a good permit and land survey.

    This is the weirdest situation I have ever heard of.

  6. Portia, we have talked, informally, to two lawyer friends. The police are correct there's really nothing we can do at this point. JFS, she's not afraid of dogs – she has a nasty little dog herself (that has actually gotten loose and the kids have returned it to her lol). We've talked about a fence, but it's tricky. Most of the border around our house is gigatic bamboo that is NOT going anywhere. However, there is a section where we might be able to do something – Andy and I are going to go measure right now.

  7. If the nut keeps it up, you may end up spending tons of money on fines and attorneys; in the long run,it may be cheaper to fence in your back yard. You've got years of this kook, seeing the dog is just a pup.

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