Ahhh . . .

It’s nearly ten and NO visits from city officials.  I guess that’s a good night, right?  😉  I barely slept last night. Funny how easily I could do that when I was younger.  Now, I can deal with the lack of sleep, but MAN does it show on my face.  Cucumber slices are not going to make those bags under my eyes go away. Sometimes I hate getting old – not always, but in this instance, I hate it. 

Mike and I are talking about putting in a fence along that side of the yard, but, damn, it’s expensive.  The upside?  We would paint the outside of the fence, facing our mean neighbor’s yard, with some lovely Caribbean colors – we’re leaning toward pink and lime.  Our side of the fence will be planted with bougainvilla.  We’ll see if the money works out – I resent having to spend so much money on something none of us want. But, the thought of a Caribbean fence facing our beige neighbor makes me a little happier than it should.  

The alternative?  I found a website that shows how to build a fence out of wine bottles.  This cracks me up as much as the crazy color fence.  If we go with that option, I’ll let you know because that’s going to be a LOT of wine bottles. (The picture is one idea – the other is to stack and mortar wine bottles like bricks which is more what I’m thinking lol)

I spent this evening doing water aerobics with my neighbors.  Oh my. We have been trying to walk together and then work out.  Tonight was the first night we tried an actual real water aerobics plan.  I think I’m going to be sore tomorrow. Bonus?  The kids were all at my house playing Risk and we had the neighbor’s pool all to ourselves.  That NEVER happens.  Then, as we were finishing up, a huge thunderstorm moved in.  We were trapped at the neighbor’s and the kids were trapped here with Mike.  Bummer.  So, we did what any sane women would do.  We picked a safe spot in the garage and drank wine and watched the storm.  It was a very nice, relaxing night.  Mike and all the boys over here seemed to have a good time too – world domination did not get out of hand and no one was in tears after the storm.  

Over this week, I’ve read the Hunger Games series.  I’m not a huge fan of the “young adult” genre, but this was a seriously entertaining series.  Andy has read the first one, Danny just finished and Ian is starting on book one.  It brings up lots of questions in the kids’ minds and we’ve had some interesting discussions.  It’s violent and parts are a little scary, but I would say a mature 11-12 year old who likes to read could handle it. Just tossing it out there for those of you looking for stuff for your kids to read this summer.  It’s not terribly challenging reading, but it’s straightforward and the storyline is compelling.

14 thoughts on “Ahhh . . .

  1. I love the Hunger Games. They have cast the movie already! I read a lot of young adult books as long as the story and writing are good.

  2. Portia, I have a couple of series of YA books that I like. But, more often than not, they are ick. And, really if it's a good story, why does it need a separate category?

    Can't wait to see how they do this in a movie – it's tricky when a novel is written in first person.

  3. That's the nice thing about Florida. You can build whatever the heck you want, or wear whatever the heck you want, and somehow it all fits in. 😉

    I love the idea of a painted fence! I love the wine bottle fence even more! Or a beer bottle fence!

    Doesn't Mike have contacts in many, MANY restaurants? What if he arranged for the bartenders in, say, Applebee's to save beer bottles. You could collect those faster than wine bottles, and save the restaurants the hassle of getting rid of them.

  4. Hillary, yes, Mike has a LOT of restaurant contacts – I think we could collect enough bottles if we opted to go that route – but, dang, that's a HUGE project 70'x6' I cannot wrap my head around that many bottles.

  5. You know what would be really tacky? Part beer and wine bottle fence, part bright color fence.

    What about a chain link fence? You can fill the holes with beer cans so the dogs don't squeeze through.

    And just think of the fence-building party you'll get to have!! Invite all your police friends. 🙂


  6. I loved the Hunger Games. But as the books continued I liked them less. The last one, Mocking Jay, was such a let-down to me.

  7. I loved the first one and liked the second as I was reading it, but then thought it could have been about 2 paragraphs, as it didn't move the plot at all. I liked the 3rd well enough. I kept thinking, “Why are these so good? They're utterly predictable and formulaic…and yet…” I do like YA fantasy series, partly b/c when the characters are young, I feel like they can come back from whatever is thrown at them. I'm a wimp. Adult problems are too real

  8. As the owner of neighbors that must be twins with yours, I do SO like the pink and lime fence idea. I have about 14 flamingos I would even let you borrow for awhile, once we're done using them as lawn art pointed at the neighbor's house. 🙂
    If we stay in our current house for much longer, I want to put up a fence. I'm collecting old doors to use as a fence along THEIR side of our house. 🙂 (I'm not joking, either!)
    The other side, the NICE neighbors, will get to look at privacy fence or chain link. THEY like us.

  9. Deana, I get what you mean about the YA books – but when I go through the book stores, most of the stories are recycled blech stuff. The good one, though, I'm with you in cheering for the kids. I don't know what you mean about adult problems – you have those? 8D

    Deanna – I might take you up on the flamingos – shame we have the same neighbors, though. :::big sigh:::

    Beth – I DO love you!!! Wanna come with me to Publix and see if they have bottles? LOL I'll never forget how much you cracked up at the name of that store the first time we met. I kind of like the idea of mixed bottles. I could do a stained glass kind of thing. Hmmmm…

  10. love the wine glass fence!!! Hunger Games was huge here til we plowed through them. I do read a lot of YA and like some of them. Amy I wonder if you ever read the Dresden Files? Kind of a grown up Harry Potter and often hilarious. I am sorry your neighbor is such an ass.

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