Shhhh . . . so far so good.

How sad that we’ve been reduced to measuring our weekend happiness on how many city/state vehicles pull up in front of our house … but there we are.  You have NEVER ever seen a couple more pleased to see the group of Jehovah’s Witnesses who knocked on our door this morning.  Mike and I were practically high-fiving them for NOT being law enforcement of some sort.  We did not convert, but we had a nice conversation with them and waited to do our chest-bump until they’d left.  Yep.  

For those of you who are not on Facebook, you MUST read this.  Really, click on it and read it.  I’m NOT a fan of birds, but I am inspired by this post.  The possibilities are just endless.  Be sure to read the captions on the photos.  I read this two days ago and I still crack up whenever I think about it.  

Bing and Pap are home.  Ian and Andy picked them up at the airport.  They were wired, jet-lagged and loopy when they arrived here (Ian drove Bing’s car, so technically, Bing and Pap were dropping Ian and Andy off on their way home).  

They stopped in for tiny glasses of wine and we got to hear bits and pieces of their trip.  Uh-Mazing!!! I’m so jealous AND happy they had so much fun together. What an awesome adventure to mark 47 years of being married!!!!  I also, FINALLY, got to ask my mom if she meant, on my birthday (June 16 if it’s not on your calendars), to send me an email with the subject “Happy Birthmark.”  *snort*  Based on my parents hysterical reaction, I’m guessing no. Yeah, I hear they drink wine for breakfast “over there.”  😉  Still, it was funny and I’ll treasure the sentiment forever. 

I’m feeling a little spoiled and selfish at having to give my mom’s car back. It was so so so nice to have a third vehicle these past couple of weeks.  Waaahhhh – I want the clean, cute, easy-to-park car back.  Okay, this might take a while, talk amongst yourselves – it might help if you chant “love-the-suburban” while you chat.

I’m heading out to finish the laundry and stare at the empty hole in my driveway, whilst keeping an eye out for official looking cars.  Knock-knock . . .

3 thoughts on “Shhhh . . . so far so good.

  1. I have tears in my eyes from the chicken story. There's no end to the happiness that funky chicken will spread. Have to share it with dh, but somehow, I don't think he'll appreciate it as much.

    Here's hoping the rest of Sunday is free from officials.

  2. So dh read it and said, “So I'm supposed to be grateful I'm not married to her?” and I said, “Yup.” He replied with, “I think you should be grateful you're not married to HIM.”


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