Cannon Ball!!!

That’s me (when I was 7 and surprisingly tan and dark-haired – nah, not me, stock photo) jumping off the deep edge.  I was pacing around tonight and picking up kid clutter and cleaning the kitchen and in the near-back of my mind I was thinking, the house should look neat just in case the police stop by.  REALLY!!!!!!  That is my mindset.  It doesn’t matter that we have four kids and an active life, it matters that the house looks nice should the neighbor opt to call the police after, say, 8 pm.  I don’t want to stand out in the front catching malaria talking to them.  It would be incredibly weird if I met the police/animal control/code enforcement with a bottle of bug spray.  The other option, the sane option, is to invite them in and shut the bugs out.  So, yeah, CANNON BALL.  I think in this part of the pool, you know, the crazy part, I’m making the biggest splash.  :::sigh:::

Still, we’re now three days with no official visits.  Yay us. Huh?

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