Let’s make some lists! #1 Medicine/Grooming

OK – it’s official, Danny is going to college. For some reason, he does not want to stay home with Mummy and learn the violin. :::sigh:::  My goal is to send him on is way with a full larder.  So, I”m going to start with the medicinal/grooming side of things.  I’m making lists and making them here so that you can all use them when the time comes to send your own short people away to have their own lives. Also, I’m making the list so that those of you who have been-there-done-that can share.  Woohoo, look at me be a resource!  😉


Soap -I’ll make that and send it with him
Conditioner – poor Dan got my hair, he needs it
Shaving cream
What else?  I think that’s all he uses . . . it’s pretty much all I buy anyway . . .


Ibuprofen – most of his aches and pains are workout related
Aspirin or Tylenol???? for fevers?
Gold Bond Powder – cuz boys get different itches than girls sometimes
Hydrocortisone cream
Hydrogen Peroxide
Rubbing Alcohol
Pepto Bismol
$$ for a flu shot
Chap Stick
Some kind of lotion – it’s WAY colder in Tallahassee than it is in Orlando during the winter


12 thoughts on “Let’s make some lists! #1 Medicine/Grooming

  1. I agree with something like Neosporin to go with the bandaids. Matt cut his finger pretty deeply and lucky for him his roommate was a doctor's kid who was prepared. Banaids. Check!

    I also got Matt a thermometer because he ended up with the flu and was SICK!! I almost had to drive there to pick him up.

    If he will remember to take them, a good multi vitamin supplement would be good as well as vitamin D3. The university is a germ factory. D3 would really help! Believe it or not, the doctor at the health center at UCF recommended it to Matt. Good to know.

    Good luck to Danny!!

  2. Non-drowsy allergy meds? We have Zyrtec and Allegra here.

    Your famous neti-pot? 🙂


    And, yes, do keep these lists for that inevitable day when my young 'uns decide to fly the coop.


  3. Condoms. Maybe it will freak him out so much that mom packed him rubbers that he will never want to talk to the icky girls??

  4. LOL – I am adding all of your suggestions to the list!!! Dan will most likely not blink at the condoms. But it's a smart idea – maybe I'll find some shocking ones to see if I can get a reaction.

  5. fingernail clippers?
    salt?–a small shaker that you get for a picnic (if he ever needed to gargle with salt water)

    things like this that you forget make good care packages for midterms…with hot cocoa and tea and other small items

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