Let’s make some lists! #2 Just living . . .

I’m a slacker – this week has been insane.  I love that the older boys are working, but sharing one car between the four of us?  Not loving it.  Last night we actually made a flow chart to figure out who had to be where and who should drive… it made sense last night, but, like life, it didn’t work out.  Fortunately, the kids are reasonably patient and have learned to travel with a book at all times.  Everyone is home and accounted for now. Tomorrow is equally insane – cross your fingers!!! I like to think we learned from today.

And, now back to my list for sending Danny to college.  I’m calling this list “Just Living.”  I appreciated all of the suggestions on the last list, so PLEASE keep them coming.  

Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Paper Plates (and no, I”m not trying to destroy the planet, just keeping it real)
Laundry Detergent
Laundry basket/hamper thingie
Dishwasher detergent (since all the cool college kids have dishwashers these days)
Dish washing soap
Dish towels
Basic pots and pans
Real dishes
Candles (for power outages and/or romance – mostly power outages – I plan on ugly candles)
Flashlight (see above)
Duct tape – because, well, it’s duct tape
(Okay – I’m going to make school/office supplies a separate post)
SOS pads
A broom/dust pan and mop (depending on where he moves in)’
Scrubbing Bubbles for the bathroom
Toilet Brush
Light Bulbs

Good lord, this is getting expensive! I’m tired and I think I’m forgetting a lot of stuff. I had forgotten what it’s like to start with nothing.  Yikes!  More lists to come.

8 thoughts on “Let’s make some lists! #2 Just living . . .

  1. You know what they have now. These washer/fabric softener/dryer sheets. All in 1! We just got them here in Japan and Ian takes them underway (he doesn't like to let the laundry person do his). They are GREAT and CHEAP!

    I would add wine to YOUR list! Are you making a list for you?

  2. Unless he is a total neat freak I would cut out the bleach and many of the other cleaning supplies. Just saying. Matt had real dishes but ended up using paper as often as possible out of sheer laziness. All his food was microwavable except for things like popcorn shrimp where he used a cookie sheet with sides. His kitchen supplies were cut down to:
    paper plates
    paper towels
    dish towels
    cookie sheet

    How sad is that?

    IKEA is a good (read:cheap) place to get a lot of this stuff! Hit them EARLY before the damned crowds.

    Don't forget a computer and ALL the possible “stuff” such as cables that he will need plus a working printer. Matt's crapped out within the first week! Printer paper.

  3. Even if you don't get real plates you need bowls. Plus if you find a room mate quickly you can split the list in half.

    Do college kids these days have to supply their own microwaves or are the included over the stove?

  4. A lot of the items on your list aren't really necessary immediately… light bulbs? Cheap, and can be picked up if needed. Same with some of the other things.

    I think the list can be pared down a lot. Cleaning supplies can double or even triple up. No need for 10 different cleaners.

    What does Dan say about all this?
    Does he have a list of his own?

    I say scrap the candles, too. He may be responsible and all… but who knows who's gonna end up lighting them and burning half a floor?

    Stick with the flashlight.

  5. I was thinking…I lived in 2 apartments in Tallahassee (one summer and then another one for one calendar year). You start out with supplied lightbulbs (other than your own small lamps that you bring) and I don't think in either apartment that I ever changed a lightbulb. I know in the summer session I didn't.

    And I did have a more on the ball room mate in the second apartment (well one in the summer and one for the school year and either one of them might have changed one with out me knowing).

  6. Ahhh . . . you guys are smart. I think I can cut this list easily by half if I think seriously about Dan and, you know, what a slob he is. I'm so glad I'm posting these lists. If I had money I'd send y'all rebates!

  7. Don't forget how much will fit into your vehicles for the drive. I know you're a Costco shopper and that often that can be a better deal, but if you're pressed for room or thinking about a second (or third) trip, a $20 and a trip to the dollar store (there's bound to be one) can be used for many cleaning type things. That will also help if the roommate (or two) has a mom that sends All The Things cause then Dan won't need them at all or at least not on the first day.

  8. Excellent point, Weaver. Thanks. I have lists everywhere and we're paring it all down seeing what can be bought in college town, etc. :::sigh::: I cannot believe I have a kid going to college. I'm sooooo old.

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