So there!!!!!!

Calm July 4 here.  Usually, I love having our annual party, but this year, I’m worn out between Dan’s recent graduation party and the neighbor who hates us. So, I just said “NO.”  Whew!!!!!  It was a lovely long weekend here.  We spent time with the neighbors swimming and eating pizza on Saturday.  Sunday, my lawyer neighbor’s cable died so I got my own expert testimony to the horrid-but-addictive Casey Anthony trial.  Followed by snacks and just a general appreciation of normalness after watching all the drama.;  

Today, no party planned.  Neighbors all doing their own thing. Mike and the boys (minus Dan who had to work) rode their bikes to the local fireworks.  Ahhhh.  I was home alone with no party, no food to mess with, just bad television and a list of stuff to get done.  I cancelled my soap websites.  I thought I would be sadder about doing that, but I’m okay to let it go.  I did many loads of laundry. I cleaned out the kids clothes and got bags ready for the Vietnam Vets pick up tomorrow morning.  Once the fireworks started, I sedated the dogs.  (Note to self, Cally gets hyper on Benadryl.) I dusted and contemplated decorating the living room for the millionth time.  It was a lovely, quiet evening – I even broke out a bag of my emergency M&M’s just cuz I could.  

Dan came home around 9:30 after an eventful day working at the grocery store.  (If nothing else, this job is a HUGE incentive for him to finish college.) It’s always nice when I get one of my kids on their own.  We talked about finding a roommate, figuring out a college budget, you know, fun stuff.  We also talked about Harry Potter.  Actually, we spent a lot more time on Harry Potter.  :::sniff::: Dan doesn’t know it yet, but he will always look back on the Harry Potter days as fondly as I already look back on the Harry Potter days.  (Talk amongst yourselves.  I’m all ferklempt.)  

Mike and the rest of the crew returned home around 10.  Though we’d planned for a calm 4th, we couldn’t let the day go by without lighting something on fire – it seems to be a guy thing.  Mike and Andy picked up some grocery store (aka LEGAL) fireworks yesterday.  The six of us set up lawn chairs and had a blast.  Only one of the kinds of fireworks even made noise.  It was so much fun to be all together and it cracks me up how much we all laugh together – who needs a party?  Yet, the night was marred by headlights.

Every time we saw a car heading up or down the street (and we live on a VERY low traffic street), we’d all get twitchy and look at each other like “Should we hide our legal fireworks in case its the police?”  Gah!!!!  No police. No police. No police.  

A neighbor came down after visiting a local town’s fireworks.  She, her mom and her daughter (can I just brag? I french-braided the daughter’s hair this afternoon and she still looked wonderful at 10:30 – didn’t think a mom with four boys could do that, huh?) sat with us as we watched our tame fireworks show.  Mind you, on all four sides of us, people were setting off TREMENDOUS 50′ high monster fireworks. (I like the fireworks and the neighbors and we’ve had a ton of rain so fire isn’t an issue AND it’s nice to know that someone living nearby has $1000 to burn so beautifully! Maybe the economy IS improving after all?)

Our neighbors know us, so they joined us in being twitchy every time we saw headlights.  (Mind you, this all takes place within about one hour’s time and we were NOT doing anything wrong – we’re just trained to be twitchy.)  Sure enough, as Andy was getting his finale of fountains ready (he’d planned it all day long), the police cruiser pulled into its usual place in front of our ugly neighbor’s.  The officer got out of his car, walked toward us with his flashlight, saw the tame fireworks and walked back to our neighbor’s front door.  He was there for a quite a bit before he came out and gave us a friendly wave and drove along on his way.

YES!!!!!  A major holiday with no direct contact with law enforcement.  Yay us!  I used to aim high.  Now, I just aim to have fun and not get a citation while doing it. Goal achieved.

5 thoughts on “So there!!!!!!

  1. I swear I am going to mail her a copy of the boy who cried wolf. Doesn't she know that when a REAL pack of feral attack dogs invades her property and starts to maul her or her house is on fire or there are real home invaders and she calls the police…not that they won't come, but they may finish writing a ticket or eating that donut before they head her direction?

  2. Andy should have asked the officer to help set the fireworks off! 😉 Or given the guy a sparkler.

  3. I hope he gave her some serious hell. I don't know how you do it. I'd already be talking about doing awful things. Tell me you've at least TP'd her house. 😉

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