So very slow.

I dunno, lately things take forever . . . it’s me, not the world.  I guess without little kids and a serious schedule involving naps and bedtimes… Whatever it is, I just get slower and slower no matter what I’m doing.  

It’s kind of like “Ooooo LOOK!!!!!  A butterfly!!!!”  This is not a good place for someone who is used to being on schedule and following the plan.  I refuse to say how long it took me to pack up a lunch for tomorrow’s trip to the beach – for only FOUR of us.  It’s a delicious lunch, but still . . . 

Then, I meandered out to do some laundry, then I spent some time knitting, I did some dishes, cleaned the living room, nagged at Andy, you know, a regular night. I was waiting for Ian and Dan to come home. And they did. 

Once all of that was done a normal person would go to bed, but NO.  I HAD to paint my toenails.  Oh my.  I’ll be wearing sneakers on the drive to the beach.  If Mommy Dearest did her own toenails, they’d be on my feet. What a nightmare – yes, there is a thing as too much red.  Thank me for NOT taking a picture. Yikes.  And, of course, not a drop of polish remover in the house.  

Oh well . . . I’m going to the beach and sand is a wonderful cure all for everything.  

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