It’s real.

We found Danny an apartment. He’s really going to just leave us and go to college. My feelings are mixed.  Mostly, I am excited and happy for him, but part of me is already lonely.  I’m going to miss him (and his mess) a lot.  Andy is going to miss him even more.  But, it’s real.  He’s going to leave. 
Such a strange feeling.  In some ways, I’ve been waiting for a couple of years for this.  In other ways, I’m stunned that I have a child this old and this ready to be on his own. The crow’s feet around my eyes are in a crazy battle right now about whether to sway up or down. So far, up is in the lead.
After we found the apartment, Danny casually said, “Well now you (meaning me) know what to get.”  Ummm, hell no.  I’m not going to IKEA alone.  We’ll be spending some quality mother/son time getting him stocked up and ready to leave. Danny wasn’t as excited as I was, but I think it might take some time for the thrill to completely engross him.
In other news, not much to report. The recent, nearly constant, rains have officially killed the big garden. It was going to go anyway as it’s getting too hot here, but we lost a couple of weeks.  My monster grape tomato plant is still going strong, though. I have that planted in my garage-side herb garden.  Best $3.50 I’ve ever spent.  My best guess is that we’ve gotten 20 pints of tomatoes out of that crazy thing.  It’s currently climbing on our ladder, multiple stakes and the backs of a couple of chairs.  Think Little Shop of Horrors.
In the news about people not related to me:
Kate!!!  (The royal one.  You know?  She just married Prince William???) had a bit of an uh-oh moment over the weekend.  Bet Queen Elizabeth was pleased. I bet even Diana wore granny panties.

Less government is a good thing if you ask me.  Given the house in the picture, if you lived in this neighborhood, would you object to what this woman is doing?  Are you opposed to a front yard garden? If you are opposed, odds are you took care to buy a house where there is a homeowner’s association. That way the rules are clear and everyone knows what they can and cannot do.  And everyone living there has agreed to those rules.  This, however, seems more like my own neighborhood.  There’s always the thrill of waking up each morning to see if your neighbor has painted their house pepto-pink.  I have to admit, I prefer this. I don’t think the lady’s garden looks bad, no worse than many unkempt lawns, and it has an actual purpose. What do you all think? I’m sore tempted to plow the front yard . . . muhahahaha

5 thoughts on “It’s real.

  1. I thought that WAS your house at first and I was all jealous of your garden. HOAs are the devil. All that is wrong with petty local gov't in a nutshell.

  2. I'm with sixgables — I figured it was your garden, and wondered why you were talking about killing it off. Go for it.

  3. Claire, click the link, it should take you to the full story. This woman is facing something like 93 days in jail. Insanity.

    Deana and Gail, I agree HOA's are evil.

    I've been trying to talk Mike into giving me some of the front yard for more gardening. It could happen. Why shouldn't you be able to use the land you own how you like? And, the pissy side of me wonders what our evil neighbor's reaction to such a project would be. No one else around here would object – mostly because they all come here to get basil or rosemary or whatever we have growing.

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