It’s a lie.

PhotobucketIt’s a lie when you say you don’t have a favorite child – unless, of course you have one child.  That doesn’t mean the “favorite” is set in stone.  Around here it changes hourly.  

Today, Andy (see how cute he was a mere 7-8 years ago?) is my favorite.  We’ve been hosting Andy’s best friend’s brother who has been suffering from a horrible allergic reaction to “something” for the past two days. He was in no shape to go to summer camp.   

The poor little guy is covered head to toe with a rash that swells and gets itchy if he’s too active.  Ummmm . . . he’s six. They’re always too active. So he’s been swollen and itchy for the past two days. 

I always wondered how Andy would be if we had had another baby.  Now I know.  He’s kind and sweet and funny.  He taught Preston how to play “Chest,” yes, the rest of us know it as chess, but Chest is too funny to correct. Andy and Preston watched some Sesame Street, some Pengoo (sp?) and something called Shawn the Sheep. Andy is my hero.  By the end of the day, Preston was  tired but looking and feeling much better.  Woohoo!  I know his mom and dad are exhausted after five almost sleepless nights.  Andy, too, was exhausted.  He’s used to being the recipient of patience from his brothers . . . go ahead, everyone, hugs all around.

And, if you have a favorite, you most likely have a least favorite. Tonight, that son would be Ian. We just had a conversation. Ian is funny and smart, but he does not appreciate getting old yet. First off, I handed him a tube of Clearisil I picked up at the store as he headed to the shower.  I suggested he stop in and rub some on Andy’s forehead. Ian suggested that was creepy and weird and Andy wasn’t old enough for pimples. I agree. I think Andy’s pimples are mostly sweaty hair and bike helmets, but waaahhh he’s awfully close to REAL pimples. I shared that with Ian and he just smiled and said, “Just think in a few years we’ll all be gone. It’ll be you dragging Scout around in our old wagon, reminding Dad of what he started out to do.” Thanks.

I thought he was heading to the shower when the giant calendar on the door caught his attention.  Absentmindedly, he said, “Wow, Dan is going to be gone really soon.”  So now we have pimples on my baby and my oldest LEAVING.  Nice.  I suggested, gently, that he head to the shower.  As he was walking off he said “Can you believe Harry Potter will be all done in just two days?”  Like a knife through my butter-like heart.  Yep.  Ian is out of the will.

In other news, our week has been pretty quiet.  Tonight we learned why.  Our new-ish neighbors, on the OTHER side of mean neighbor, have had two visits from code enforcement this week.  Tim offered to cut their lawn until they give up their crazy Northern ways and lose the push mower – the equivalent of cutting your lawn with nail scissors if you live in Florida. Nice she has two houses to watch now, I guess.  I like the new neighbors, though.  

Time to put on my Depends and go to bed.  

3 thoughts on “It’s a lie.

  1. Ian sure know just how to push your buttons! Why do teen males find Mom Torture so amusing???

  2. Claire, it's tempting, but we're trying to take the high road with her. I've pretty much lost my sympathy for her, but she's still just a lonely old prune with nothing better to do. Me? I have way more to do for now.

    JFS – if you figure out the Mom Torture thing, please share. 😉

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