I can’t believe it’s over.

We just got back from Harry Potter, the final installment. It was every bit as good as I hoped it would be. Though it’s 4:00 in the morning, I’m still all wound up and the dogs are insane so I figured I’d come here and ramble for a bit.  
There were eight of us tonight: me, Dan, Tim, Ian, Andy, Bing, Dan’s friend-that-is-a-girl and her brother. We got to the theater at 9:45.  We were all decked out in t-shirts we made last night.  I’ll have pictures of some of them tomorrow. As we walked to the theater, Dan casually asked me if I’d printed out our confirmation for the tickets (I bought them through Fandango over a month ago).  Well, of course I hadn’t printed anything out.  Nothing.  I assured Dan that the ticket office could use my credit card to verify our tickets.  Well, they could have done that had I not received a replacement credit card with brand new numbers just last week.  When the guy told me that I thought I might throw up.  
I figured I had time to run home and be back in time if I had to do that. First, I stopped by the manager’s desk after telling everyone else to go find Tyler and Christi and get in the long, long, long line. I explained it to the manager and I could feel myself getting teary (how insane is that). He was really nice and pretended I was not insane and offered to call the Fandango office.  After he had been transferred a couple of times I started digging for my keys when *poof* he found the right person and they were able to find me in their system. Viola!!! Tickets!!!!!
After walking ALL the way around the building I found our group.  Everyone in the line was hot and sweaty and really excited.  I could not believe the people wearing cloaks and gowns and hats.  It was 90 degrees at 10 pm.  I was dying in my t-shirt and shorts. The line was fun for people watching, though. I mentioned to my mom what a shame it was the girl a couple of groups ahead of us had such a nasty scar on her forehead because otherwise she was adorable.  Yes.  I said this out loud while standing in a line of dressed-up people waiting to see a movie about a boy with a nasty scar on his forehead.  You know that feeling of wanting to grab words out of the air as soon as they leave your mouth? That’s the one. 
Slowly, they started letting groups into the theater, filling one theater at a time. The back of the line wasn’t so bad. Once you could see into the theater and watch all of the people inside NOT sweat, it was kind of like water torture. I concentrated on getting our supplies all together.  I had my giant beach bag stuffed with a box of tissues, a giant sweatshirt, eight little bags of candy and my car keys.  To that we added Christi’s bag with more candy and a couple of sodas. The bag was heavy.  I ended up leaning on Andy’s shoulder so I didn’t walk like a staggering drunk.  
Tyler, Christi’s brother, who I still think of as being Andy’s age and is, in actuality 17 and about 6’4″ tall, had a bag of chips that would not fit into my bag.  My mom offered to stuff them into her wizard’s hat. The hat is decorated with some kind of gold paint, which in the heat had melted off onto my mom’s hands.  By the time we were close to the front of the line, my mom’s hands, face and neck were covered in shimmering gold PLUS she was wearing the hat with a lumpy bag of Frito’s stuffed inside. She looked like a deranged Twilight fan.  Tyler kept staring at my mom as if to say, “Don’t stand near me or at least take off the ridiculous hat.”  Of course the rest of us picked up on that and kept saying things to Tyler like “Why are you being so mean to your grandma?”  Poor Tyler.  He’s a mild-mannered kind of guy. I think he’s a little scared of us. 
We finally reached air conditioning, found our theater and promptly took a row right in the middle.  My mom and I went to the ladies room – funny how glitter just never ever comes off your skin – and then to get popcorn.  Three tubs of popcorn, two sodas and $87 later (kidding, sort of) we headed back to our seats. Our theater was packed. As with most of the HP midnight movies there were costumes, hats, scarves, glasses and all of that fun stuff.  We waited through what seemed and endless number of movie trailers.  I’m still kind of freaked out by the one for Rise of the Planet of the Apes :::shudder:::: Finally, the movie started and the crowd went wild and then fell instantly silent for the whole movie – except for when everyone cheered when Bellatrix bit the dust. Honestly, there was not one cell phone on, no one was whispering, everyone seemed to be sucked right into the movie. Very fun.
The movie itself was an incredibly good end to a fun, if flawed, series of movies. Of all the movies, I felt like this one truly delivered a complete story even, I’m guessing, for someone who hasn’t read the books. It was far more violent and bloody than any of the other movies. If your young kid isn’t intimately familiar with the books, especially the seventh book, I’d suggest previewing it before taking them to see this one.  (By young, I’m thinking under 12 or 13.) I have about ten favorite parts of this movie and I can’t wait to see it again. I was really impressed with how they handled so many difficult parts of the book.  Sure, I’m a geek and I would watch an 18-hour Harry Potter movie, but most people won’t and I think the compromises made were good ones.

Hurry up and go see the movie so we can talk about it!!!!  If you saw it, please comment on your favorite part and your least favorite part.  I’d like to see if our opinions match up. 

3 thoughts on “I can’t believe it’s over.

  1. Great movie, sad its all over though. I have to agree with everyone when they say that it felt like when the Harry Potter series ended, so did their part of their childhood. The only thing out of the entire movie that i was dissapointed in was at the end during the 19 years later part..I was quite excited to see what Harry, Hermione, and Ron all looked like alot older and they made them basically look the same.

  2. Yep, Jhawk, it did feel like the end of childhood in many respects. I dunno know about the end though. I thought Ginny looked surprisingly like Harry's mom (work with that if you want) and we all cracked up at Ron's paunchy stomach. As an old person, I like to think I look mostly the same as I did when I was young (lol), and I think that most people, barring huge weight and/or har gain/loss DO look mostly the same, just saggier and tireder (I don't think that's a word, but it should be).

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