Hmmm. . .

Dan has been gone for the past few days.  His friend-that-is-a-girl’s parents invited him to join them for part of their vacation at a local beach.  Funny.  The house is so much cleaner since he’s been gone.  I think we’ve pin-pointed the problem of trails of dishes, clothing, and general detrius.  Poor Dan, his re-entry into family life is not going to be easy. The other boys are shocked and awed by how easy it is to keep a bathroom, bedroom,  living room and kitchen clean. 
Still.  I can tell I’m going to miss Danny when he’s gone.  Andy is REALLY going to miss him. I think the timing of Cally the psycho-dog joining our family could not have been better.  She clearly sees Andy as another puppy. Crazy as she is all day long, she follows Andy to bed and they sleep with arms and paws wrapped around each other.  It’s very sweet and I think she’ll be a comfort to Andy when Dan really does leave.
Andy wants to clear the room of all things Danny the minute Dan leaves.  That’s not going to happen, but there is much to clear out.  The boys all share small, small rooms.  Having a room alone is HUGE in this house. I’ve been measuring and mentally rearranging things all week. I still need another 400-500 sq. ft.  If you aren’t using your extra space, please send it here. 
In other news, Andy and I joined our neighbors on Sunday to see Harry Potter AGAIN. Yep. We’ve exhausted the “fun budget” for the summer, but we’re both happy that we spent our money on this. It’s better the second time. I actually cried more the second time around.  Really well done. (imo)
The gardens are officially baked and dead. I’m trying to work up my UMPHHH to get out there and remove the dead stuff and clear out the weeds to make room for a fall garden. Sadly, much of my gardening motivation has been lost because I cannot just stuff an I-pod into my overalls and listen to a fun book while I work. I have killed two I-pods.  The kids can make them work for me but if I have to pause or turn the story off . . . I have to find a kid to restart things.  It’s just too pathetic and needy for me.  Yes, silence and contemplation are good and I just have to embrace those things.  I will.  It might take a little time, though.  I’ve tried the rubber covers, pushing the buttons with a wooden skewer, wearing rubber gloves…. I’m just THAT electric, I guess.  Wish it translated into something income-worthy.
More on stuff you don’t really care about . . . I think I need some locks on my television.  News should most definitely be off limits to me.  It makes me crazy.. I actually have a degree in journalism! So little is news. So much is hype. So much is opinion.  HGTV is another channel that should be locked. I watch it and watch it and think one of two things.  The first thing is “I want to beat up these incredibly spoiled 20-somethings that NEED everything in their first house.”  I hate them.  The second thing is the redecorating aspect of the channel. I like watching the how-to’s and the what-if’s, but I come away depressed and convinced that we live in a hovel.  (We don’t.)  
Okay, let’s end on some happy notes.  Dan has an apartment. Furnished. Reasonably cheap. Yay. I’ll be taking him up to Tallahassee Aug 27.  Woohoo. 
Tonight was BLT night.  Dan is away. Ian was working. Tim was working. Mike had a Scout meeting and Andy was playing until the sun was completely gone.  I made the bacon.  Lots of grease.  I recently picked up a mandolin slicer thingie. I had potatoes.  Yep. BLT’s with homemade potato chips (fried in bacon grease) . . . Oh my. Good stuff.  I sliced up some apples to alleviate the guilt, but, to be honest, there was no real guilt. Even Ian, the resident vegetarian, scarfed up the chips. Mike and I spent some time reminiscing about the “good-old” McDonald’s french fries. 
Okay, that’s all I’ve got for now. It’s scaring me how I become less and less interesting as the boys get older and older.

5 thoughts on “Hmmm. . .

  1. Did you get the special anti-slice gloves to go with the mandoline? I was thinking of getting one (the mandoline) but figured I'd be slicing off fingertips within minutes of trying it out. Bacon grease on veggies is good, but blood on them not so much.

  2. Oh, my! I am just going to live vicariously through your blog.. Could you maybe do a food post once a day. PLEASE!!

    I am attempting to loose 10 pounds before I head down under. That basically means I am living off boiled chicken and green veggies. And a person can only live off boiled chicken so long.

    My mouth actually watered when I read fried in bacon grease!

    So, did you hire a cleaning lady for Dan? ha ha!!

  3. i ate THREE BLTs today. Best. food. ever.

    Seriously, I've been on a news blackout for a few months now. I figure if it's really something I need to know, I'll hear about it. I'm much, MUCH less stressed this way.

  4. Kathy Jo – I'm soooo with you. I'll even eat okra friend in bacon grease and I HATE okra.

    Gail – the slicer came with a thing that sticks onto the whatever you're slicing and protects your hands. Of course, the first night I used it, I had to try to be all Food Network and promptly sliced the hell out of my thumb.

    Sabrina – a little bacon never hurt anyone. Plus it'll put you in a good mood for seeing Ian after such a long time. Dab some bacon grease behind your ears and he'll go totally nuts! 😉

    Deana – I envy your ability to resist the news. I try and I have scaled WAY back, but :::sigh::: I'm weak. I think you're mostly right (as in correct lol), though – if it's that important, I'll hear about it.

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