I try, but I hate shopping.

My neighbor stopped by this evening to let me know about a great sale at Kohl’s today (yesterday if you’re reading this)ONLY. As Ian and Tim were carpooling with my car, I patiently waited for Mike to get home and took off for the sale.  I was hoping to get bedding and bathroom stuff for Danny.  I found a really nice comforter/sheet set (say THAT five times fast – just the sheet set part), four towels and a pack of nice wash cloths.  $96.  Not bad.  The sheets were 200 thread count, the comforter was sturdy and cheerful in a manly way.  I was happy.  
Got to the check out line and was met by an incredibly pretty AND incredibly annoying cashier.  She kept pushing me to get a Kohl’s credit card.  As we are working frantically to get ourselves OUT of debt, I kept saying, in a polite-friendly-I-could-be-your-mom, kind of way, NO THANKS.  She then proceeded to tell everyone in line behind me that I was being stoopid and could they even BELIEVE on the savings I was missing out on by not getting this card.  I bit my tongue, turned bright red and imagined myself being a person who could stop biting their tongue long enough to speak up. As I walked out into the heat of the evening, I found myself getting madder and madder.  Yes, it was a great sale.  But, honestly, I’d rather pay a little more and not have the attitude and subjection to public humiliation.  

A couple hours later, Ian and Tim got home.  I showed them the comforter and both of them shuddered and said “ICK.  It’s a girl comforter and Danny is going to hate it.”  Guess I’ve got two reasons now to go back tomorrow and return my stuff.  I’m bummed.  I thought I’d made a good choice.  If I thought I’d made even an iffy choice, I’d have given that girl a piece of my mind and left.  (Who am I kidding?  I’m a wuss.  I’d be right where I am tonight and taking the stuff back tomorrow.)  And, here is illustration #8654 of why I hate shopping.

7 thoughts on “I try, but I hate shopping.

  1. That is Awful. Mostly about the obnoxious cashier (I am the same way — too mousy to say what I'm thinking, as my blood Boils!), but also the comforter. I'm sure it's a perfectly Manly comforter. But once they get an idea in their heads, there's no point in arguing.

  2. If Danny doesn't like it – HE can return it and do his own shopping!!!!!

    My dd works at Sears – they are really pushed to sign folks up for cards – how many hours work you get depends on how many folks you sign up relative to the other cashiers. I am sure Kohls is the same. That said – I did get a card since we shop there a lot and it helps.

  3. My kids work at Wal-Mart and they are pushed to push the credit card too but there is no excuse whatsoever for a cashier to be so rude.
    If that picture is the comforter you bought, I would buy it for my son too. Nothing “girly” about it.
    I hate shopping too and since I'm a woman, people think there is something wrong with me. Go figure. Well there is, I have depression, but that's besides the point. I've always hated shopping.

  4. Don't you just wish you could grab the microphone by the cashier (or intercom system) and broadcast:

    “Dear Kohl's management, your cashier is harassing me and badgering me and making me feel unhappy because I politely said no thank you to your credit card. I should leave this story happy and joyous so that I want to return and currently I am so not. No should mean no…please retrain this cashier in customer service. Customers avoid cashier in lane 2 if you are not up for a public browbeating. Thank you and good night.”

  5. Oh and I don't know about the comforter but if the reverse side is solid he could use that side.

    Alexander just got a purple comforter that is solid on one side and tie dye purple on the other. Both sides are cool but it made me think that not all might be lost on your set.

  6. JFS and Jojesek I feel bad for your kids. I get that the stores make money on these cards, but they shouldn't penalize their employees.

    Jojesek – I venture into the world of depression periodically. It sucks and it makes something as awful as shopping nearly unbearable. Hope you find something that works for you soon.

    Claire – I just need to take you shopping with me. 8)

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