A never-ending list of worries . . .

So, Dan came home tonight. He really, really likes the comforter.  Should I worry that he’s feminine now or should I worry that Ian and Tim take such joy in tormenting me? To be safe I’m going to worry about both. (The comforter in question is the one in the picture.)
Scout.  :::sigh::: I have spent the past few days yelling at the kids and their friends about dribbling water from the fridge all over the house. Today I finally figured out it is not the kids, it’s Scout. She’s been dribbling pee everywhere she goes. It’s a mess.  I used four rolls of paper towels today and finally ran to Goodwill and cleaned them out of towels.  The worst part is that poor Scout is mortified.  I have to keep pulling her out from under our bed. She knows what’s happening and clearly has no control. I hate this.  I’m hoping the vet can squeeze us in tomorrow – maybe it’s just a little infection, not the fact that she’s 14 years old? I’m going to worry about that a lot.
Andy is someone else I worry about lately. We’ve had a strange summer.  He and I have been largely housebound due to sharing the house and, more importantly, the CAR with three working teens.  It’s not terrible, we’re both readers and we both love board games and he has enough friends around later in the day to make up for my lack of 11-year-old-boyness. But, homeschooling him alone seems strange.  Ian and Tim will still be around this coming year, but they’re on a whole new level. I don’t want Andy to be too lonely or too dependent on me.  So far he seems fine. Public middle school is off the table and private school is not an option either.  
Yes, there are homeschool groups and co-ops around. But, to be honest, I dread the prospect.  I don’t want to join a group that makes me sign a statement of faith. I also don’t think Andy and I are a good fit with an unschooling type of group.  That’s all I’ve been able to find.  Additionally, I dread being the oldest mom involved.  Sure, I have opinions on breastfeeding, potty training, etc. but I’m not terribly passionate about any of them and I shudder at the thought of hanging out with women whose oldest child is Andy’s age and are still involved with all the other stuff. What to do. What to do. I think I should probably just suck it up and find a group.  I can’t very well start a group with “older mothers left homeschooling their youngest child” as a requirement, can I?  So, I worry about this, too. 
Can you be too weird? Danny was excited that the condo he stayed at this week had a toaster and a tea kettle.  We used to have those things.  But, we no longer do. Six people using a toaster is a disgusting mess. I taught the kids how to use the broiler for toast – we can do 15 pieces at once and there are no crumbs all over the counter.  The tea kettle? I love having a tea kettle on the stove.  However, once Mike and the boys discovered it could be used as a weight for bacon and flat bread sandwiches, I got sick of scrubbing scum off of the kettle. Now I boil water in a pan and it tastes the same in tea.  But, I worry that my nearly 19-year-old son is excited by these little things.  Andy loves to eat across the street because he can use their toaster. Maybe I should just suck this up too?  I kind of worry about this stuff – but only when I’m done worrying about the rest of it.  It’s kind of my leisure-worry.

The other stuff I worry about is pretty standard:  money, getting old, kids with driver’s licenses, money, the house falling apart . . . you all know the drill.  That stuff, I can handle.

6 thoughts on “A never-ending list of worries . . .

  1. Central Florida Pre/Teens is a good group, or it was a while back when we were part of it. Not sure how old Andy would have to be for it, though, but it used to be 11. It's for middle and high school aged kids only. They have a Yahoo group. Oh and I was one of the VERY few unschooling moms, so *I* was the weird one. 🙂

  2. I bet if you posted (where ever you people post) that you wanted to start a pre teen/teen group that was a-religious you'd get takers from all corners. Even FL has to have some non-crazies, right? You're not that far south. :O)

  3. Well I like the comforter and think it is manly enough…brown and blue and no flowers. Ian and Tim are just messing with you. Note to yourself…they should pick out their own bedding when they pack for college….or come home with pink, ruffled, flowery stuff just to mess with them.

    Amy I would try to join a group like the one I was in in Kissimmee….they posted stuff online that different people organized…like say someone organized a series of six science classes at this nature place…you decided if you wanted to participate. Someone else organized group seats at the shakespeare theater and made lunch plans afterwards. Many of the people in the group attended the PE thing we did at Bear Creek Park and when they got unhappy with it they got St. Cloud parks and rec to start a homeschool PE. And they had purely social get togethers too. I liked this arrangement…an online community and no big commitments. And the things I hated I could avoid (bowling was complete chaos…imagine unschooling bowling).

  4. Thanks Portia – I'd forgotten about that group.

    Deana, *snort* I don't know where “we people” post anything. LOLOL Not sure on the non-crazies in FL – seems the state is chock full of them.

    Claire, I wish we had a group like the Kissimmee group. You had a good deal with them.

    Zelda – I think we share that “I kind of hate new people” component of our personalities – makes it tough on the kids, huh?

    I Wasn't Blogged YEsterday – welcome! I'm so glad you found me/us. I hope you'll stick around.

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