Happy Monday!

I’m headed to bed, FINALLY.  By the time anyone reads this it will be Monday (Sabrina, is it still Monday there in Japan? Has the stock market completely tanked? No, don’t tell me. I’m not watching the news – sort of – no really, I’m not watching – heh, send me an email but shhhhhh).
We (me, Mike and Andy) went out to Melbourne today to visit Andy’s godparents and test out the new Tree Top Trek Zipline courses at the Brevard Zoo. If you are ever on the east coast of central Florida, the Brevard Zoo is a must-do! It’s great for toddlers to teenagers.  The zoo itself is awesome and has two kayak courses through the animals on different islands. They always have great programs going on as well with well-staffed, friendly volunteers.  The Tree Top thing is new and separate from the zoo though located on the same grounds.  You can do one or the other or both.  I cannot recommend it enough.  We’ve always been able to use our own local zoo pass for entry, sometimes with a small added fee, so definitely check that out.
What were we thinking when we agreed to meet around 1 pm, in Florida, in the summer?  It was well over 100 degrees as we were filling out the endless paperwork. (If you plan to do this, do the paperwork online!) I, stupidly, wore flip flops and was not allowed on the course.  I became the designated “stuff” holder for Mike, G, A, Katie, David, Andy and Lara.  By 2 pm, everyone had their gear and were slowly making their way to the training station.  I was told the whole thing took about 90-120 minutes.  I hauled everyone’s gear to our truck and went to get cold Gatorade for when the crew finished and a magazine for myself to entertain me until they did. 
About an hour later, I was stationed at base camp with a frosty Diet Coke, a cooler of Gatorade and a Marie Claire magazine.  I never read magazines anymore – I used to devour them, but they’re all the same. Still, if you only read one magazine a year, they’re kind of fun.  Did you know they make a facial lotion that includes umbilical cords in it? Me either.  Freaked me right out and there was no one around who looked like they’d be interested in talking about it. Actually, all of the people sitting around me looked like the cast of Swamp People.   (Have you ever seen this show? It scares me to death, but Mike and the boys lurv it.  They don’t even mind having to use subtitles to understand what the people are saying.  It comes on and all I hear are banjos and the voice of a very scary professor of Modern Literature from many many moons ago.  No thank you.)
Suddenly,  I noticed that I was actually feeling comfortable as I read.  I looked up and, sure enough, Florida thunderstorms were looming right over us.  Just then my phone rang.  Mike and our gang never even made it past the training stage.  With each sound of thunder, this outfit reset the clock for 30 minutes of wait time. I get it.  If I ran a business that involved suspending gooey people 20-40 feet above ground, no way would I be hoisting them up if there was thunder.  The thunder was coming every 2 minutes, there was no way we were going to make it to the day’s cut-off point of 4pm.  We took the refund and retreated to G&A’s house. 
Of course, by the time we got to their house, the skies were clear and blue. :::sigh:::  The kids swam, we caught up on things and made dinner.  OK, A already had dinner made, we just watched her do stuff. (I did take a bowl of pretzels out to the kids, that counts as helping, right?)  It’s such a far cry from our visits of old where at least two of us had to be in the pool to keep the kids afloat while someone else did pool toy duty (I lost the goggles, where is the dinosaur, Barbie’s head is stuck in the jacuzzi) and the fourth adult heated up chicken nuggets for dinner..and then we’d eat really fast and rush home to avoid bedtime meltdowns.  Now, the kids swim like fish and we can sit in the a/c in peace – watching the kids through beautifully sound-filtered glass.  It was a great way to end a weekend.  I’m bummed we  didn’t get to do the Tree Top thing, but we’ve all agreed that it might be way more fun in October/November when it’s in the high-80’s – brisk and refreshing, Florida-style. 😉

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