Goodwill Hunting, July 2011

Ian joined me this afternoon in a thrift store prowl.  I was on the hunt for shirts for myself that did not involve paint stains or food stains. Yes, I am a snob.  Mostly, I was looking for stuff  Dan needs to go off to college in a stylish, well-equipped, yet cheap fashion.  Ian was looking for art supplies – especially cheap, good paper for his sketches.  Have I ever shown you guys one of his drawings?  If not, I’m sticking one I like here in the post – okay it’s not a drawing, but you get what he’s kind of doing, right? I think he’s good and getting better – especially for someone whose only formal education in art thus far is working through Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain a few years ago with me and his brothers.  Trust me, none of us was producing this kind of work back then (or even now, if you have to ask).  
Ian is a great traveling/shopping partner.  He talks if he has something to say, but much of our day was spent in a comfortable silence.  Ahhh.  I found a couple of cute shirts at the first store.  Ian didn’t find much.  We moved to the next thrift store.  Score!!! I found a in-the-box-brand-new-set of Corelle dishes for Dan.  They were marked $14, but it was half-off-housewares day!  Woohoo!!!  So finding the brand-new ice cream maker machine for $14 felt like a super-duper bargain.  We have all the stuff to make Heath Bar stuffed Vanilla ice cream in waffle cones tomorrow.  :::sigh::: So happy.
When we got home, Mike was just finishing up helping a neighbor hang a tall, heavy light fixture in their vaulted living room.  Mike told me all the details.  I came away with swimming, snacks and beer in an hour.  It’s all good. We had a great time visiting and going in and out basking in the glow of the new light fixture.  We had a better time drinking beer and swimming and lamenting the lack of any sort of breeze.  Aside from the one neighbor, we live in a really awesome neighborhood.  
Now, I’m trying to catch up on laundry. Soooo much laundry.  I’m listening to Under the Dome (yes, I’m on a Stephen King kick).  I read the book last summer and I’m enjoying it again – the reader for this book is really  pretty good!  He’s no Jim Dale, but he’ll do.
Tomorrow?  Mike and the boys are off super-early to catch waves at the beach.  I’m sleeping in and getting up to make ice cream and something for dinner.  To fill in the empty spaces, both dogs need a bath and I’m certain there will still be more laundry.  It’s also probably time to cut down my morning glory/moon flower vines as well.  I hate August in Florida – all the pretty, colorful things die for a bit.  I like green, but August always makes me feel like I’m living in a terrarium.    

How has your weekend been?

3 thoughts on “Goodwill Hunting, July 2011

  1. Very cool artwork. I might need to grab that book again. I had it once, but my artistic IQ is 12, so I didn't really get it. My boys love to draw, and second son is pretty good and works hard at improving his skill. They might benefit.

  2. Sheesh. Now Facebook *and* Google are trying to get my phone number. Why don't I believe them when they say they only want it for my own good?

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