I’ll have the #4 with an egg roll . . .

Ahhhh . . . it’s so nice to leave the house – alone.  I did this today and I’m convinced I need to leave more often.  I stopped by the Memorial Gardens to get a map to where Mike’s grandfather is buried for my mother-in-law.  I have to say the folks working in the the office were straight out of central casting.  I ended up talking to a strange bald man with long fingernails.  :::::shudder:::::: Long nails + man + man who is not musical = ::::::shudder:::::: Still.  He was nice enough.  He was definitely disappointed I was not looking to bury anyone in the near future, but once he accepted that, he graciously helped me and made me a map and everything.  However, while he was making a copy of the map a man that had to have been 140 years old started lurching down the hall staring at me with piercing black, black eyes.  (No, I do not read too much Stephen King.)  The old guy made it about 1/2 way down the hall before I shrieked (in a most unbecoming way) “It’s okay, the bald man is helping me. Just stop where you are.”  Just then, the bald man came out and gave me the maps without saying a word, just half-smiling. I didn’t run, but I moved out pretty quick – let’s call it fast-skipping.  YIKES!!!!!
Once I was safely parked in the grocery store parking lot a few blocks down(surrounded by lovely mini vans with car seats and no creepy old guys) I called my friend Kate.  Of anyone, Kate and I have “done” this homeschool thing together since 2000.  Among the adults Andy knows, Kate ranks #1 or 2.  He thinks she’s a great cook because she always had dinosaur chicken nuggets and Sponge Bob on the tv for lunch.  When you’re 3 (or 40) it doesn’t get much better.  
Kate and I are both at a point where our kids are leaving.  Kate’s youngest heads off to school in early September. The Memorial Gardens are close to Kate (that’s why I called her) and she was able to meet me for lunch.  We went to a little Chinese restaurant.  We were just about the only people there and our waiter kept trying to get rid of us.  Silly man.  That only made us stay longer.  It was so so so nice to talk to someone who knows me so well and who is going through some of the same feelings that I am right now (those feelings would be, can’t you leave now? and don’t go, you’re still a baby – depends on the time of day and my mood).  We laughed and laughed and laughed.  In the end, we agreed we should get all the “boys” together for one last play date – the upside?  Kate and I can FINALLY have margaritas at the park.  We both have long extension cords for the blender.  Our homeschooled babies can drive us home. Watch out pre-school moms!!!
Good news? We’ve managed to raise five functioning (mostly) adults thus far – Andy is still a work-in-progress.  How about that?  Based on some of the conversations we’ve had over the years and years and years, you never would have guessed they would have all turned into normal, functioning people.  
After lunch we walked through Tuesday Morning looking for bargains for the college-bound. Again, it’s nice to know someone for a long time.  We laughed and laughed at bizarre accessories, strange kid toys and weird kitchen gadgets. We even managed to find Danny a crock pot (his request -gah!!!).  I don’t think either of us is getting out of the house enough, but we definitely had fun today.  

Thanks, Kate!  I am so glad I found you and your boys in that monster mess of a co-op we first joined. Here’s to the non-gifted kids!  

4 thoughts on “I’ll have the #4 with an egg roll . . .

  1. That's the kind of relationship I have with my sister. Unfortunately she lives an hour away but she tries to come see me at least once a week.
    I did not home school my kids, I would never have had the patience or the discipline and I truly admire parents who do. I think those kids come out the end of it with much more common sense and a better rounded education.
    My kids are seventeen and eighteen and I spend half my time cursing them that they don't act their age (you're practically grown ups) and the other half cursing them that they don't act their age (you don't know everything, you're still a kid) Parenting – it ain't easy but you gotta love it.

  2. omg, Amy. Your last sentence summed up my angst right now. I am still, after six years, looking for friends that aren't so “gifted”. It's a real downer being the only dumb homeschoolers in our entire metropolis! lol

  3. LOL Robinella – come sit here with me and Kate. “Gifted” is the most overused word in the world – homeschool and traditionally schooled. We'll share our margaritas and we can make fun of our “widdle bucket-heads.” 😉

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