Andy likes to read.  Of all the boys, though, he’s my first to really, really like biographies.  Any recommendations? Our library is a pit of mediocrity in terms of biographies for kids/young adults.  I love biographies, but, generally I prefer my biographies to be about people who are dead and who have some space from the time they occupied in history – I think you get a better picture of the person this way.  Our library is full of bios of sports figures, movie stars and a whole shelf dedicated to President Obama.  I think it’s fine to include those books as part of a collection.  I don’t think they should be the entire collection.  So, I’m looking for biographies your kids or you have enjoyed of people born before, say 1950?  Please?

6 thoughts on “Biographies?

  1. He has read the Little Britches series, right?

    What is his reading level? Could he handle a bio from the adult book section? You'd just have to pre-skim read any to cull out any that go into the subjects sex life too much.

  2. I have no suggestions, though I understand the frustration. Our library in the 'burbs was awesome, but the one here is very like you describe yours.

    Dy's got some homeschooling program with lots of old free books listed, so make sure you ask her. And maybe grab the kid a Kindle and introduce him to 🙂

  3. Yesterday's Classics, if you want actual paper books (or a Kindle version). Project Baldwin is the website companion. They have scads of neat books I love. Many are biographies and legends.

    Also, if you Google Old-Fashioned Education, there are some fun biographies listed there. Most are available online.

  4. Alexander wants to be a writer so I have tried to get him to read autobiographies or biographies of writers (but those writers can be a scandalous bunch so I have preread most of them).

    October Sky (also known as Rocket Boys) was wonderful! More like a memoir…but kinda timely with the end of the shuttle program.

  5. You could also enter YA biography under books on Amazon for suggestions. Way down the book's page there are reviews with suggested reading levels listed.

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